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Neobladder or colostomy bag?

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I am a 47 year old woman who has been diagnosed with third stage bladder cancer.I am totally devastated and am finding it difficult to cope. I have to decide which method to use when they remove my bladder. They advised a catheter but the hole thought of it freaks me out.After I went back to see them they advised the neobladder or try chemotherapy.The odds are low if the bladder is not removed 50% but I may be in the 50%.He said what ever way I go I only have a 50% chance.I really don't know what to do. Has anyone got any advise? I want to choose the right way and I just want to see my grandchildren.

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I forgot to leave my e-mail direct m_whiffen@bigpond.com

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I know that it has been over a month since your posting but saw this and wanted to give you my input.
I would request a neo. But when they go in they will have to determine if that is possible. Several factors will determine that once they go in. They can tell you....always ask questions and stay informed....do research like this. Also the BCAN.com site is very useful. Join the Team Inspire chat.
If they have to do a bag, then that is what you will have to live with.

Before accepting the surgery ask if BCG can be of benefit. They can explain that but it is a fluid put up your urethra over a period of time. It is done at the Doc's office, and you have to rotate 360 degrees so the medicine can coat the inside of your bladder. It is like a direct chemotherapy.
Also, join a BCAN or bladder support group somewhere in your area as there are others having the same issues and this can be VERY helpful and get you armed with information to speak intelligently with your doc. They like that in fact.
God bless you and hope you get this information in time....
I had a neo done Feb 2010 and live a new normal but seem to be fine.....

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If your cancer is very small and hasn't invaded the wall of your bladder, your doctor may recommend:

Surgery to remove the tumor.
Surgery to remove the tumor and a small portion of the bladder.
Surgery carries a risk of bleeding and infection.

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bladder cancer treatment
Minimally invasive therapy is a modern and high-tech minimally interventional treatment method. Under the guidance of medical imaging equipment, a special catheter, guide wire and other precision instruments are introduced into the body for lesions diagnosis and local treatment. Minimally invasive therapy possesses the superiority which traditional therapies don’t.

  1、 Small wound: the skin wound is only 2mm or so, patients have only a few sufferings.

  2、Strong repeatability.

  3、A real time assessment of efficacy in the guidance of DSA.

  4、Small dosage, high local drug concentration, with small side effect and there is no resistance.

  5、With specific targeting: with accurate positioning, precise treatment, and small damage to normal tissues.

  6、Fast recovery: patients can have activity normally 12 hours later after the operation.

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your treatment options for bladder cancer depend on a number of factors, including the type and stage of the cancer, your overall health, and your treatment preferences. Discuss your options with your doctor to determine what treatments are best for you.

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