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Has anyone had success with penile pump?

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I had radical prosatectomy March 2009. I have tried Viagra and Cialis with no success.
The penile injection sounds like it would kill the mood. I am 63 and wish I could have intercourse with my wonderful wife of 38 years like we used to. Bless her, she is understanding and told me that we have had a great 35 year sexlife and she is glad just to have me by her side.

Has anyone tried the penile pump and what was your experience?

Thank you for any information.

Have a blessed day.


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Hi there JR1949.
In my opinion It's worth a try. I've been using one for about 6 weeks and I can say that the results are much better than expected. You can have sex quite easily once you have worked out how to use the pump and ring properly although it can be a little painful when the ring is first released from the pump body to your penis. Erection can be large but does not match in firmness - practise makes perfect!
Let us know how you get on.


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Thanks for the info DJB

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Hello again JR,

It sounds like your wife is a very smart, caring & loving woman.  How lucky you both are to have such an open and honest relationship with good two way communications!

I did a quick keyword(s) search using the CSN search box feature (upper right on PCa home page).   It listed 44 results/threads, including the following link that you might find helpful:

I hope that you and your wife continue to be well and cancer free.   

All the very best,

mrs pjd

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Thanks for the info. I will have to check the link.

Yes I know how lucky I am to have my loving and caring wife. We have truly had an open and honest relationship of 38 wonderful year and look forward to many more.

Have a blessed day mrsjpd.


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HI, i am in the uk , and had radical surgery done april 2011 all nerves etc taken away as well so not good for erections! but having tried cialis / viagra with no effect my surgeon suggested MUSE and with that and the pump you can get an erection good enough for the job! I am 62 so if i can get going so can you , I did have the course of injections 10mg to start with , no effect, and then 20mg the full wack so the nurse said, some success , but the pain in your penis is agony so i left that alone, so its muse and the soma erect pump for me! hope thats of some use to you all the best, Rap, Oh and psa still 0.1 thats as low as the machine goes so ok for now!

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Thank you for the info. I will check all the info I have received and then check with my uro.

So you are in the uk on the other side of the big pond. My daughter's father in law is from England.

Have a blessed day rappa.


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