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Words from gyn/surgeon

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This is the message I got from my gyn/surgeon in response to questions I asked about my current situation. I had been in remission since my initial cancer treatment and now have a 1x2 inch tumor near my liver. I asked if I am now considered to have recurrent ovarian cancer, why no surgery, why Tamoxifen?

"Yes you have a recurrence. Tamoxifen is a reasonable choice if you are having no symptoms as it has virtually no side effects. The other option is not to do anything at this time and allow the cancer to grow some before starting any chemotherapy. Sounds odd but it is actually a reasonable way to manage ovarian cancer.... Basically wait until it becomes symptomatic.... Your cancer is not and it may take many months or perhaps years to become symptomatic. Surgery not an option, it will not change the course of the cancer, only keep you in the hospital for a week and recovery for 6 weeks with no benefit... So makes no sense.
At this point you are in good shape to manage the cancer. But you will continue to need chemotherapy off and on for the rest of your life."

I guess it is relatively good news considering...

I just wanted to ask him some questions before I see my onc on Thursday and make a decision about treatment.


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Hey Karen, my question to the surgeon and your oncologist would be...It is by your liver. What can you do to prevent liver metastasis. I'm not sure I believe the slow growing thought. I was told, that my cancer probably had only been growing a few months. If I had waited a few months more my prognosis would have not been as good. And symptoms....what symptoms. We all know that ovarian cancer is a silent killer, I wouldn't wait for symptoms to appear. If ovarian cancer was symptomatic, then why are the majority of cases caught in the later stages of III and IV. I think I would ask more questions and question some of their responses. Kim

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Cancer can be pretty sneaky and grow very fast. If you see your Md ask for blood work and scans often. Wishing you the best..Val

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