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Blood work

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So, 4 months ago when I had my last onc. appt. I was handed stuff for my next appt., date of oncologist appt., CT Scan appt. and requisition for blood lab work to be done 2 weeks before the onc. appt. I went to the Cancer Centre where they always did my blood work, in same suite as oncologist. No one waiting for blood work, quiet there, I take the requisition to the nurses, and they look at it and say "no they can't do it, this is a requisition for an outside lab". But, since you're here I'll see if we can do it. She goes and checks and comes back nope they can't do it as I'm not in active treatment. HUH?? I'm Stage 1V, still under oncologists care, he ordered this blood work. Then she starts to carry on about the hassles she's had with outside labs and them not doing CEA requested...I had an extra paper stapled with CEA request from my oncologist. Sooo, off I went, feeling like I was getting the boot from the cancer centre. I ended up going across the road from the hospital, some grungy lab in a basement of a medical building......

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That is the craziest thing I have ever heard! First of all I am sure your center makes money off of the lab work?? I will be sad if my cancer center ever boots me! My next follow up appointment is September 28th. At 7:45 I get my blood drawn, then check in for my CT scan. As soon as the CT scan area looks at my blood labs,they immediately do the CT scan and then I check in at my doctor's area and as soon as he gets copies of the blood work and the radiologist report from the CT Scan they call me back for my appointment. It takes about 2 hours but it is so worth it getting all the test and results in the same day! I am not very patient at waiting. Good luck on all of your tests!

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Even though I hate going to the cancer centre, it is a lovely new facility, the waiting area has nice fireplaces, comfy chairs, snacks, drinks, t.v.'s.....it's nice and modern with volunteers to guide you along. The lab is clean, nurses very friendly, it's for blood draws only, I've been spoiled. To go to that other lab was yukkkk, people walking in with their fecal samples etc....run down, dirty looking.....just....ugggh....my blood pressure is up!!! My scan this month may indicate I need chemo again, I'm Stage 1V, then they'll do my blood work ?? Makes no friggen sense....

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I would for sure question the oncologist why you cant use their labanymore. Since you are still under care it doesn't make since. Hope this is the last time that happens. Jeff

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