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I recently heard of a process named chemo-saturation. Does anybody know anything about this? Risks? Benefits?

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On the University of Maryland website (Greenebaum Cancer Center) and under liver directed therapy, they explain chemosaturation.

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Chemosaturation is offered by a company named Delcath, in NY:

The thumbnail is that it is a system of catheters and a filter device that enables the liver to be isolated so that a larger dose of melphalan can be given than with traditional chemo. The procedure is minimally invasive (the catheters). The company estimates the effective dose is 100x that of systemic chemo. The 2nd generation filter is 98% effective on melphalan removal, resulting in mild side effects.

The treatment is approved and in use in Europe; it is currently offered in 13 hospitals there. Slides on the website above show cases of dramatic response.

Best wishes

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I should also have mentioned that the treatment is available in the US under an FDA pre-approval expanded access program (EAP). Dr Pingpank at Univ of Pittsburgh is one of the leading physicians that was involved in the trials that were run over the past several years leading to the EU approval and pending FDA application, and offers the EAP I believe. FDA approval is expected in 2013.

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