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Treatment plan

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After meeting with my normal onc, we're going to do Rituxan and see if I respond to it. He talked about doing once a week for 4 weeks and send me for a sonogram or pet scan in a couple weeks to see if it's responding to it. If not, they'll add bendamustine for 6 months. I think that would be once a month, with rituxan maintenance again.

He gave me 3 options

Watch and wait which he wasn't crazy about.
Rituxan only for a while, and retest.
Rituxan with Bendamustine for 6 months and rituxan maint. for 2 years.

So, we start rituxan again on the 26th.

Sometimes having such a large group of doctors is very confusing....too many chiefs lol.

I'm ok with doing this. I handled rituxan well.

I'm doing better today with this, but still wish it was a road less traveled. Thank you all for the kind words and thoughts! You guys are great!


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I think you are such a source of strength and inspiration. You have supported so many people going through trials here on this site and I want to say that I find that commendable.

I did rituxan and I too didnt have any side effects from that regiment at all.

I pray that the option that you choose gives you the outcome that you desire. I would like to pray for you if you dont mind

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Hi Beth,
Well..... you won't be alone...Rituxan sounds good to me. Since you tolerated it before, at least there won't be any surprises. I sure hope it will knock things back enough that the Bendamustine won't be needed. I agree...you've traveled this road far too many times...enough already! Take care and thanks for letting us know. Much love...Sue

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i heard that bendamustine is a very effective drug that has little side effects...is that true

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Max Former Hodg...
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What a trooper ! I hope it does the job for you...


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Hi Beth,

I responded to another post of yours but same goes here :).

Hang in there and know you are surrounded by love and hugs,


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Fingers crossed here. John

miss maggie
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Hi Beth,

I was so anxious to read your post this morning. I am glad you're spirits are up.

I was happy to read you tolerated Rituxan before. I too, had no problem with my
treatment of Rituxan once weekly for 4 weeks. Most patients don't.

In my opinion, your doctor gave you very good options.

I am going to be optimistic about your first line of treatment. In the event
you will have to do Bendamustine with Rituxan, you should tolerate this very
well, and hopefully have good results with no horrible side effects. Read the many
posts about this chemo drug.

Until July 26, if you are feeling well, enjoy the many days before.

Sweet Beth. Thank you so much for posting so soon after seeing the doctor.

God Bless. Love Maggie

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Hi Beth,
I really hope that this treatment will be the one that puts you in remission for a long time. Very promising line of treatment, the doctors have a lot of faith in it. Please take care of yourself, I will be thinking and praying for you!


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Sweet Beth

I am so sorry that I didn't respond sooner to your unwelcomed news.
I've been a bit overwhelmed lately, so very sorry.

I'm glad that you will be starting the R tx again. And that you handle it well.
You can knock this bugger back again. You are such a strong and couragous woman, your strength gives me hope.

Hang in there, which I know you will.
I so agree about the road less traveled!

Hugs, hope and love to you

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