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5FU adjuvant chemo-advice

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Greetings everyone
looking to hear about any experiences, good or bad, of follow up chemo 5fu for rectal cancer. my husband starts this week..he had APR w/ perm.colostomy on May 23 (no lymph node involvement) -stage 2. He had the 5fu pump prior to surgery (with radidation) for 6 weeks and did fine, with no problems. We are looking to hear what to expect from the follow up chemo. He will go in once a week for 3 weeks, then get a week off..for 7 months..will this cause problems with the ostomy output? such as diareahhea? he never had it before, when he had 5fu prior to surgery..Really would love to hear what to expect. Will it make you tired? and if so, for how long of a period. He is going to get treatments on Thursday afternoons, so he can work on Friday am & then rest for the weekends. Any advice would be appreicated..prayers for all suffering from this mess!

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I have no experience with this treatment, but do have a perm colostomy.

If the treatment does cause diareaha, I would suggest he use a drainable bag for the time being. This will allow him to empty it as often as needed. If he uses a one-use bag then having the two piece system will save him from skin irritation which could result from very frequent changes of the flange. Also make sure that the flange is as close around the stoma as possible to prevent burning the surrounding skin from the acid of the diareaha.

Wishing him best results with the treatment with very few side effects.

Marie who loves kitties

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I have thought about that...since he likes to use a one piece appliance that he changes each time..Now if I can just talk him into this! he loves the coloplast products, so I'm hoping they have something he'll like..and hoping & praying for now diahreah..thank you Maria. I appreciate your responses..they have helped so much in the past.God bless you :-)

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ok.. I guess I am good source here..
I have a perm colostomy..
I had no issues with diarehea from just 5FU eithr prior to surgery.. is he get a FolFox protocol as that is the normal protocol after the surgery.. as I was informed and have found doing research..
though learning how to use the colostomy is the most important part of the process..
I use a 2 piece system.. holister and on chemo weeks I use an open end pouch as it is easier to manage.. and I avoid eating dairy and limit fiberous foods so output is not too runny.. As I was just learning how to controll stuff...and I was on Folfox which should have causes some diarehea.. I really don't recall much of it at all.. I got treatement ever other week for 6 months.. I don't know if everyweek will make a difference.. but I would suggest taking it easy on dairy and veggies and see how it works for him. \
Good luck..
feel free to PM if you need anything..

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