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onc visit today

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Well I go at 9:15 this morning to meet with my regular onc. I am hoping to come away with a better understanding of my options and a direction that makes sense. The transplant doc I saw last week wants to type me for a donor, as he said it could take quite a while to find a match. I really don't want that if I have other options. He talked about rituxan and bendumustine. Just not in the mood for more cbemo. I hate whining, but you all understand so...

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We will be thinking of you during your visit today. Let us know what they say about the options. The good thing about this disease is we seem to always have options. As time goes on hopefully we won't need options anymore because a cure will be there. John

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I'm praying for you.


miss maggie
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Dear Beth,

I am sorry I missed reading your post before your doctor visit.

Sweetie, whine all you want. You have been through so much. I can't blame you.
Somehow whining does help. As far as more chemo, who can blame you?

Have you read all the posts about Bendumustine? As far as I have read,
Bendumustine has very little side effects, and most patients on this site have had very
good results with this chemo. I Don't remember if you had any problems with
Rituxan? Hopefully not.

Beth, if you have faith in your doctor, go for it. I know very easy for me to say.
After much thought, this is what I would do. Don't give up please.

I will look for your post as always and see what path you might be taking.

Love and hugs. Prayers and blessings Love Maggie

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Hi Beth,
I thought you were doing a 3 month watch and wait? It's hard to keep track anymore with so many new members and different treatments going on. I'll be praying for you my friend. My doctor mentioned the same chemo in the event I should relapse. I constantly pray it won't happen,but will do whatever is needed to keep fighting. Let us know what you find out today. Love you...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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Hi Beth,
I hope that your visit with the Onc goes well today, maybe he can hold off on any treatment for a little while more. You have been through so much and I understand why you don't want to start any chemo again. Please let us know how the visit went (((Hugs)))


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For now just rituxan for 4weeks. I think s sonogram in 2 to see if it responds. Won't start till 26th. I +owill tell you more later.layers

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Hey Beth!

Thanks for the update and keep us posted.

Hugs and continued postive thoughts and energy to you,


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