Fear of stomach cancer

I'm 32 years old. Height 165 cm, weight 68 kg. Recently delivered my 2nd baby on 22.5.2010 weight 3.26 kg. I had an Upper GT Endoscopy on 27.5.1999 revealed 1/2 of my stomach with acid, bad bacteria and the surface in my stomach looked sore due to acid. Doctor described my situation medium to severe. Also did my ECG, blood tests and abdomen ultrasound. All normal. Medications given for 3 weeks with Losec, motilium and antibiotic for bad bacteria. Then I was on Zantac for few months. I stopped my medications after one year of the endoscopy until now. I didn't control my food and my diet was quite bad (fried stuffs, caffeine, sweet stuffs, high in fat, tip-bits & etc.), but I'm not a smoker or on alkohol. I'm also born to be a stressful, nervous, anxious and emotional person.

Then I had difficulty in swallowing my food and food sticking in my throat for 2 weeks 3 years back, I took a chinese medicine and the symptoms gone until now. I sometimes had indigestions off and on and experience burning sensation in my stomach, the symptoms get worse if I'm facing anxiety. I also had stomach bloating if too full or continuously been eating off and on for a day. I burp very often before and after food. Sometimes I can feel the gas in my throat and after having American breakfast in the morning, when I burp in the afternoon, I can still smell the food. Recently my dad age 57 heavy smoker admitted due to ulcer in his oesophagus, - mini skirts wholesale and mini pants wholesale online no bad bacteria and currently on medications. I also had a word with the doctor who treats my father and I have told him about my indigestion and I was alerted to go for endoscopy again as it may have possibility of having stomach cancer. My mother age 54 was diagnosed with abdomen cancer 4 years ago, her cancer relapsed after chemo 1 1/2 years ago and now she is O.K. after 2nd time chemo. Besides that, my sister also having gastro problem exactly like me but combination with vomitting sometimes after food but she refuse to go for check-up. My husband age 38 as well having the same problem that I'm having.

My concern is whether I should go for endoscopy again coz I really do not know how to take it if the result came out positive as I have seen my mother suffered a lot. I didn't do my colonscopy before. I sometimes have loosen stools and hard one, depends on the food that I'm taking but diarrhea to me nowadays take 5 days to recover with medications compare to before I had gastro problem with only 2 days of medications. Does cancer normally starts when there is an ulcer combination with pain in the stomach. All the while I didn't have any pain or vomitting besides having the symptoms as mentioned above. Do I have to go for colonscopy also? If I change my diet now, will it work? How many times do you think I should go for endoscopy with my health history as mentioned above.

I hope my information will be sufficient for your goodselves to answer my questions.

thanks very much