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Some of you may or may not remember me. I lost my Mom August 17, 2011 after a 14 month battle with OVCA.
In the fall I developed a rash on the right side of my face that I intially thought was adult acne. Over the last few months it has gotten worse so assuming it was rosecia I went to see my doctor. While I was there I mentioned that I noticed a few weeks earlier that I have one swollen gland just under my jar by my ear. She felt it and looked in my ears and throat etc and sent me for an ultrasound last Friday.
After the ultrasound the tech showed it to the doctor in radiology and he said it needed to be biopsed. I am really worried that I have Lymphoma. It is a very scary thought!
Any words of advice or encouragement would be greatly appreciated.

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I know what I'm saying is easier said than done, but please, please don't borrow trouble and assume the worst. I don't blame you for being worried but there could be plenty of non-serious reasons for the swelling. You've already been through so much with your mom. I know it's hard to do, but try to focus on other things until you get the results of the biopsy. Please know that I'm sending you lots of good thoughts and prayers.


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It think it's good medical practise to have it biopsed and it's only natural to be scared. Here's to it coming back normal and a big Whew moment... we're here if you need us!
((((HUGS)))) Maria

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take it a day at time as others said. I get so much more upset if I start thinking ahead to all the possibilities. I can't always follow this advice but I think I am getting better at it. Wishing you the best possible outcome.


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