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2 Year Check Up

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A few weeks short of 2 years out from treatment and the latest check up and scan was clean as a whistle. They’ve been giving the PET/CT scans every 6 months, but that has been pushed back to 12 months between scans now. Good news all around.

I hope some will find hope and encouragement in this. I was diagnosed with BOT SCC stage 4 in May of 2010. 35 rads and 3 cistplatin. First 2 post treatment PET/CT’s had some hot spots show up, which eventually disappeared but not before raising the anxiety level a fair bit.

My life has returned to pretty much what it was pre-cancer. I play golf, swim, run, work full time, can eat most everything, taste is completely back. I really have no complaints other than a mild case of dry mouth, I still sleep with a bottle of water in reach.

I fully realize I am one of the more fortunate ones. For those of you in treatment or just about to begin, I was where you are not so long ago. I shared the very same fears and anxiety you are facing today. I pulled through those long days and weeks of treatment and I’m here to say it was all worth it. Be strong and live life! Cheers.


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Hello Jimbo !
It's definately fantstic news ! We don't have same dx, but posts like yours give me hope that good things happen in this crazy ride we're all on. Thank you ! Katie

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That is encouraging for so many. Thanks for sharing!

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Congrats on your checkup....wonderful news. And thank you for the "buck up" for those of us still recovering from treatment or are still in treatment...there are days I swear dry mouth is going to make me insane.


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Tonsil Dad
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Congrats on another clean and clear scan Jimbo, post like this
realy make my day and it shows other newbies that this beast
can be beat.
Great uplifing post, may all your scans be NED.
I have my first post rad PET / CT on the 19th July.

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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Former groundskeeper, while kickin' c's butt, about to be the Master's champion......it's in the hole!!!

Yeah Baby! Awesome news Jimbo. Made my day


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D Lewis
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Thanks for the update Jimbo. Welcome to the "two year anniversary club!" It's great to have you here!

Deb (Two years, one month and counting)

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That's awesome news, and a great time for lots of us to hear it!

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Congratulations Jimbo!

As Deb said welcome to the 2 year club. May we be saying congrats in another 10 years!!

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Always wonderful to read posts like yours...


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Hi Jimbo,

Good news, two years is a mile stone on this bus ride. I am glad to hear things have returned (pretty much) to normal, the desire to go back to the way things were before this event is so strong. You have a good attitude and a good reason to celebrate as this day is yours.

Happiness in healing,


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fantastic news for you! Congrats and hope you keep enjoying your healthy life!

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this is my first post,I have been here listening,praying and understanding everything,like Jimbo I have been blessed to get well,not sure by fullness of recovery,but mind,spirit are in the same accord.Its only by the grace of GOD that I am able to share this.in the future I plan to offer advice/support I can to those going through this struggle.

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Awesome Jimbo...like mentioned two years is a milestone.

I'm a little over a year ahead of you, other than mine was Tonsil Cancer.

Three years post Tx as of June 18th...

Also the same as you, pretty much back to the same ole same ole, other than having been there done that and have the battle scars to prove it.


Kent Cass
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Really is great to hear about your news. AND, that a lot in your life is back to as it was before. Like John, life has also pretty much gotten back to as it was before C for me. Heck- if you're watching the John Deere Classic golf broadcasts this week, Jimbo, you just might see me in the crowd of spectators. Gone the last two Stricker years, and camp out at the par-3 #7 hole. Yes- life is good.

And for all those going thru treatment, or just done in the past couple months- recoveries do happen with excellent results, as Jimbo is telling us is the case with him. It does happen. The post-tx is our 2nd chance at life, like taking a Mulligan in life. And not that I'd ever take a Mulligan, or not play it as it lays, (uh-huh), but if I were- focus, and make the best shot possible. Reckon that'd be the plan. H&N takes many of us to a condition where one doesn't think life will ever get back to being close to as it was- but it does happen. Just takes time.

Great to hear your Mulligan is going great, Jimbo.


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Awesome news!

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Your post gave me full encouragement. I've some hot spot showed up in the last 2x3months PET scan and will have CT next week to check further.

Good on you!


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I can't wait to be where you are at now Jimbo ..thanks for sharing ...that was a great post.



Mrs. Sarge
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Stage 4.....doing good......oh how sweet it is!!! Glad for you!

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Glad to hear the good news, keep on doing what you are doing. I pray you never have to walk this path again in life my friend.

God bless and be with you
Tim Hondo

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You are an inspiration, thanks so much for the encouragement and congrats on your clean scan!

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Your post is what I LOVE to see! That is so encouraging, and it really lifts my spirits to hear someone say they've gone two years. In my mind, that's a very magic #, and since Bob's only at one year, I pray myself to sleep each night that he is C-free. Thank you so much for sharing such POSITIVE, encouraging, uplifting news.
Wishing you many, many more cancer-free, happy years!!

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Fantastic news Jimbo; here's wishing you continuous NED reports from now on!!


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Jim, great news. I hit my two year mark in October.

Enjoy life my friend.



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Wonderful news! Cngratulations! Thanks so much for sharing this with us who really needs this positive uplift during the treatment.


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