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Gallbladder cancer stage 4

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Today is July 8, 2012. My mom was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer stage 4 on July 5,2012. What a way to remember; July 4 the day to celebrate independence and the next day independence taken away from my mommy. So it has been just 3 days for my brother and sister straying for answers direction, a dust of hope.

Someone please out there help!!!

Anyone you know survived this in or near Los Angeles ca? Or please give me info in prolonging life? An oncologist from city of hope said with no compassion to us or my mom said three months fir no treatment five the most with. My mom was alone in the room at the time while my sis and I hurried to the DMV to get the form for the dr to sign. When we arrived to my mom's room, out nurse was sitting on the edge of my mom's bedside and stood up and said the dr spoke to your mom and that we just missed him. I took another step into the room and looked at my mom. She told me from her bed, " dr said 3-5 months."

To be continued

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While I don't have the same illness, I do have stage IV choangiocarcinoma (we think, actually we're no longer sure what I have other than it's stage IV, but that's a whole 'nother story). I'm from the North Orange County area and receive my chemo at a cancer center in Anaheim, and receive specialized procedures at Norris and Keck in Los Angeles. E-mail me at andreanorth@loopmastersinc.com. I'd be happy to tell you my story (I was diagnosed in June 2010 and I'm still here and healthy other than the cancer), hopefully it will give you a reason to remain positive. Give your mom a big hug for me!


P. S. There's a thread, Gallbladder 2012 I think, under the Rare Cancers section that has some posts that may be helpful to you. Lily50 is one person that comes to mind that has been fighting GB cancer for quite awhile now, and her posts are very encouraging.

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