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Chemo for MMMT

newbie toosday
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Hi all,

I was DX with MMMT/Carcinosarcoma 3C1 after hysterectomy on April 30, 2012. I started chemo on June 14 but had reaction to Taxol (severe back pain that was like being hit with an axe in the lower back). I had the Carbo and that went just fine. My next chemo was July 5th when we tried the 24 hr infusion of watered down Taxol but with the same reaction. It just took an hour instead of 5 minutes to get the severe back pain. My onc says it is considered a "mild reaction" compared to anaphylactic shock & death. He has suggested continuing with just the Carbo or trying Taxotere/Docetaxel. Anyone else have this reaction/allergy? Any suggestions?


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Shell bug
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Hi Myra,

I, too, had a reaction to Taxol. The first treatment of Taxol and Carbo went in just fine, but I felt like I was dying afterward. The next one, I went into shock. The third, after trying more steroids etc. did not work either. Those two treatments I just had the carbo and did fine. For the next three treatments I had taxotere instead, but I had to take it over three hours instead of just one. I lost my voice and my cheeks got really red, but the doctor felt it would be okay and it was.

I would suggest that you try taxotere as "double-agents" are usually recommended over single. I just wanted to hit my cancer as hard as I could to shoot for a cure. I did not have your type of cancer, but still grade 3.

I know how scary it is trying to put this stuff in your body when it is clearly begging you not to, but I am NED now. I am also going through external and internal radiation. It is a long road, but I want to feel like I did everything I could to keep this nasty disease from coming back.

Sending best wishes your way,

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I had a reaction to Taxol the first time I got it....numb lips, shortness of breath... plummeting blood pressure....I think its fairly common. They gave me benedryl 30 minutes before they administered Taxol the next time and every time there after and I did not have a reaction again.

Take care,

newbie toosday
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They gave me Benedryl each time I tried Taxol but it didn't stop the reaction either time.

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Hi Myra:

I had a reaction to Taxol within minutes of it going in. I almost blacked out and my BP went sky high and I had a burning feeling in my chest. I started to hallucinate. Of course they immediately stopped the infusion and gave me the anti drugs. They sent me home and started my treatments the next week. However, they then changed my treatment to Carbo/Gemzar and instead of treating every four weeks, I would go every two weeks. Carbo and then Carbo/Gemzar for six months. With the gemzar I didn't lose my hair. I still got neuropothy though and I didn't have to premedicate the night before like I did with Taxol.

My best to you.


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