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JP drain increase in fluid output today, 12 days post-op

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I am 12 days post-op. All healing has been just great, really no problems at all. I only had a small debulking open surgery. Today my JP drain needed to be emptied almost every hour to hour and a half to to a major increase in fluid output. The color has been an amber color for over a week. Some slight tissues have been expelled all week. The plan was to have the drain removed this coming Tues. I am getting really worried as to why the increase in output fluids. What does this mean? Should I be worried? Should I call the Dr.? I hate too on a weekend, but won't hesitate if it is necessary! Help! Thank you!

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I can't offer you any answers that will ease your mind but certainly advise you to ask questions and call doctor if necessary. The fear associated with this disease is sometimes the worst part of it. We spend so much of our time wondering...about so many things. Get some answers. It may ultimately ease your mind.

Hope you feel better each day, Kale.


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Call your doctor. He or she probably has an answering service on the weekend that can hook you up to the on call doctor. Better to find out what is going on than to worry.

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I wouldn't call the doctor. But then again, I only call doctors when I feel I am on death's door ;) Just keep track of the drainage so your doctor can make a decision on whether or not to pull it. I had a JP with my last surgery and I measured and wrote down how much I emptied and totaled it every 24 hours. My doctor wouldn't pull the drain until I had less than 1 oz in a 24 hour period. Your doctor probably won't pull yours if you are having so much drainage. Better for it come out than stay in. Hats off to you. I HATED that drain. After all I've been through with two different cancers that stupid drain nearly undid me. It hurt and it was just disgusting to me.

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Thanks for the responses! I have been logging the output on a calendar every time we empty the drain. I did show the log to the Dr. last week and that is when he said to leave it in a bit longer. So, I will see what he thinks this Tues.

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