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Wilms tumor

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Hi just wanted to share that my 18th month old diagnosed wth wilms tumor last year praise God didnt need chemotherapy. Really did
Lots of praying and didnt accept what the doctors where saying. I wasnt in denial i just knew my little boy needed me to
Concerntrate on what i did know which was that the cancer was going to be all taken out when they removed his right kidney.. 1 year later and he is a happy healthy boy and im so blessed. I really feel for all you parents who have to go through this its sooo sad and really puts things into perspective. When i look back on it i dont know how I got through such a hard time. With everyone else in shock and anger I Really had to press into God who helped me. Now i can accomplish anything because what I go through isnt as bad as that. Even when he needed another operation this year for swollowing magnets it wasnt as bad. Least i knew exactly what he needed when he was in hospital. He is so brave. Doctors were so amazing. So thankful. To all the parents that know the symptoms tell other parents so They can save other childrens Lives. Mine had 6 day fever and Tumor Coming out of his penis and sore abdomen. Went to the doctor
And they referred me to paediatrition. When i explained that that can take few
Months and what do i do in the
Mean time the
Doctor just wanted
Me to go to paediartition. So i
Walked out and went straight to emergency hospital
And they had it diagnosed And kidney out within 2 weeks. Listen To Your instinct you know your child and when you thin they are sick your Probably right. If i didnt go straigh To the Hospital it Could have been fatal. Please Let me know if anyone is overwhelmed by Their childs diagnosis
And needs someone to help them.

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Today I am 52 yrs old one child 2 grandchildren and nobody but me had wilms

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Two more of those inspiring stories we all treasure. It's all too easy to forget that there are innumerable survivors whose stories we usually don't have occasion to hear about, so it's all the more welcome when we do.

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