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Almost there...

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Shell bug
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I only have two more external radiations left. My radiologist then wants to "spot-weld" the two lymph nodes that did show a bit of uptake. Finally I have two brachey treatments and I am DONE! I cannot wait. Although extended-field radiation has not been easy, I do feel like it is my best chance for a cure.

I just wanted to thank you ladies again. I am always checking in with everyone and you are so encouraging. Whenever someone has some challenging news, it truly breaks my heart. No one can understand a cancer patient like a cancer patient.

We are enjoying great weather up here in WA. I am also off to FL mid-July for a couple of weeks. My sister lives there, so my mom and brother are going too. My aunt and uncle are also coming down from IN to spend the week with me. I get to meet my little niece Avery for the first time as well. Needless to say, I am completely excited and something to look forward too after nine months of treatment.

I wish you all the best and I pray for you every night.


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You have the best time ever! Don't let the "C" word even cross your mind. I give May and November to cancer(when I have check-ups), the rest of the time belongs to ME! Best, Debrajo

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