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Some updates

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We spoke to Oncologist and find out that wife is diagnosed with Ovarion Cancer Stage IIIC, not PPC, as considered before. Ruby is back home now after three surgeries and hopefully will start with 6 rounds of Chemo.

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The cells of the peritoneum are genetically the same as the surface of the ovary. That's why the two diseases are treated with the same drugs in most cases. For some types of both PPC and ovarian, the origin is suspected to be the fallopian tube. When most types of PPC are first detected, women (and men rarely) are staged at 3 or 4. In this way, it is like advanced ovarian cancer. You might want to visit the ovarian board Max but feel free to be part of this one too where I know you'll get support. Healing thoughts to you and your family. :)

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