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Do I have something to worry about?

Cajun Pepper
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I am 54 years old and have had problems with post menopausal bleeding for 15 years with numerous endometrial biopsies, D&C's, with endometrial hyperplasia and endometrial polyps. My bleeding returned a few months ago prompting me once again to go to my usual GYN office and last week's u/s showed uterine enlargement ( a new finding for me) and an endometrial lining of 14mm. What really worries me is the severe fatigue for the past few months, the chronic daily cough, and the nausea and vomiting and RUQ pain that has developed the last few months. My D&C and hysteroscopy is scheduled for Tuesday, but I am quite worried about all the other symptoms and complaints. Maybe I should have pushed harder for a hysterectomy in the past. My GYN never seemed keen on doing a hysterectomy. I think I just needed to spill my guts to women who understand and maybe know how I feel...I am worried, scared, and not sleeping too well. Does all the above sound worrisome? Am I in trouble?? Thanks for listening.

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Do know what you mean...I tried for years to get some one to do a hysterectomy, no luck. Now I have Uterine cancer, a kind of rare one. Are you sure you want another D&C? I have read on some of the boards that D&C's can possibly wash cancer cells out of place and into the ado mend. I didn't have that happen, but some here can tell you better than me. I would question the D&C and go see an oncologist/gyn and push for a full hysterectomy. Would have saved my life...just saying. good luck, Debrajo

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I really do not know if you are in trouble, but I had similar symptoms and the first biopsy immediately showed cancer cells. Since you had several biopsies and nothing showed up maybe you are not in trouble. Gyn many years ago had suggested to me to have a hyst and I totally ignored her, off course I was young and carefree. (regretted) At this point, you are doing the right thing. Let's wait and see and I know I cannot tell you not to worry. I was just reading a book and the writer said "Don't get there until you get there" And please, we do know how you feel. Please try to get rest and not to worry too much. I know too well what the waiting period is like. Any way, I wish you the best and what ever the circumstances Our Great God gives you power beyond what is normal to endure and wisdom to make the best choices. Medicine these days are amazing. Hope to hear from you on Tuesday and hope that everything turns out negative- negative - negative. By the way, since you have been having these problems for such a long time, I would definitely take the bull by the horns and do a complete Hystrectomy. J

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Although there is no way to know without objective evidence (a pathology report of tissue), it is quite understandable that you are concerned. As well, there is no way to know if all your symptoms are related or not. Have you seen a primary care Dr regarding any of these?

I had sudden onset significant uterine bleeding and had a hysteroscopy and D&C. The Dr noted in his report that he had infused a large amount of saline into the uterus but only about 2/3's returned out so did not infuse any more. I guess the excess fluid along with cells from hte uterus were washed out into the abdominal cavity. He proceeded partially with D&C and then apparently (per his surgical report) deduced I needed a hysterectomy and terminated the procedure. However by the time I saw him in follow-up for pathology results, he was just all smiles that no cancer was found in the material he removed, noted what a large number of polyps were found, but failed to mention I needed to a hysterectomy or that so many polyps were left behind. He just commented that I could have a ablation procedure if the bleeding did not resolve. I did not see the report itself until about 3 yrs later. My oncologist (for breast ca) at the time most likely did and noted discrepancy between report and what I was told, so without any comment just suggested I see another Gyn for second opinion. All these Drs are in same clinic. He, unfortunately, made a 'sales pitch' of all possible procedures I could have that would most likely improve my QOL. I guess to deflect from any mishandling of my case the older gyn had made. In first year of a new marriage, a demanding job, and no longer having any issues, I just said i'd think about it. This occurred Jan - Mar '06, and by Nov '07 I was Stage IVb with an aggressive cancer, uterine papillary serous carcinoma (UPSC). No in-uterus cancer found and presumed to have been missed in D&C pathology.

I would definitely be concerned at this time. Have you considered a second opinion? You might even ask current gyn if perhaps a hysterectomy would be a better option considering your history of problems.
Whatever transpires, sending positive thoughts that this is not cancer.
Take care, Annie

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I completely agree with Annie. When I started bleeding, my onco did not even think about a biopsy. I had to pushed for it, as well as for an ultrasound. Once I was diagnosed, I was glad my gyno-onco recommended a hysterectomy, because I decided I needed to have it.

You should consider a second opinion.
Hugs and positives vibes to you.
Please keep us posted.

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I think I'd be concerned, too. I agree with the other ladies that you should get a second opinion. I'd be cautious about having another D & C /Hysteroscopy. I've done a little on-line research about this subject and didn't like what I found out. There is a risk of cancer cells being flushed into the perineal cavity during the hysteroscopy-especially if too high of a pressure is used during the procedure. They say there is less risk if carbon dioxide is used to inflate the uterues instead of liquid. But most Gyns don't like to do it that way I guess.

The risk of this happening seems to be pretty rare but it does happen. I'm one of the ones that had this happen. My cancer was stage 1a grade 2 adenocarcinoma and I had negative nodes but a positive wash due to the hysteroscopy. My Gyn was just sure that all I had was a fibroid before my dx even though my lining was 9.6 mm. When I went to my Gyn/onc she told me that she wished that the other Gyn hadn't done the Hysteroscopy at all.

I felt so ignorant of all this and I just trusted what my Gyn told me. I had no idea of any risks at all. I sure wish the best for you and I really do understand what you're going through right now! Please let us know how things turn out for you and hope for the best!

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The bleeding has been very, very prolonged, but what concerns me about your symptoms are the non-bleeding ones. Fatigue, coughing, nausea and vomiting--taken together, these are not good signs.

I hope that since it's been a while after your original post that you have had at least one procedure done, and that the results have been good. But I would not rely on this gynecologist exclusively. Get a second opinion as soon as you can.

Good luck.

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