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Wedge pillow

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Finally, after 9 months post op...my dad decided he should order a wedge pillow. Does anyone have the link?


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I bought the wedge I use for traveling at Bed Bath and Beyond. When at home I have an adjustable bed that is great for me. But here is a web site that offers a number of options in size.

Wedge Pillows

When I use my wedge pillow I also place a second pillow under my legs at the knee and I find that helps to keep me from sliding down the wedge.

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Paul Adams
Grand Blanc, Michigan

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Thanks Paul and William!

He's been sliding down alot, mom has him sleeping on 3 pillows but it's not working. I'll suggest a new adjustable bed (ha,ha). My mother might hit the pillow over my head and tell me I lost my rocker!!!!

I do have a 20% coupon from Bed, Bath & Beyond, I shall take a drive tomorrow. I think the wedge will be a good Birthday gift for dad, so he's get some good sleep.

Thanks again,


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We ordered Don's online, but I think BB&B will be a good place. My girlfriend bought one for her exhusband there and it worked fine for him. Also, we bought an inflatable one that packs away in a nice little bag and came with a hand pump so you won't croak trying to inflate it.

If I remember Bob Hazelton or Dave Surface gave us the link to purchase online. I can find it for you if you had no success today.

Even with the wedge, Don still has what others refer to as the leaning tower of pillows. It is pretty weird to look over at him during the night sleeping like that - kinda creepy really, but it is all part of this new wonderful life we have! LOL

Hugs and FEC,

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Carolyn, Is he a side sleeper? if so they make pillows specifically for that. Also, as your looking for a wedge pillow look for one that is soft enough to be comfortable. The one I was sent home from the hospital with was to steep, to tall, to short and, to hard. One of the other EC patients on here recommended a memory foam wedge he had. I ordered it and love it. The rub with ordering it is you will pay almost as much for shipping as you do for the pillow.

If you don't find anything at BB&B hit me up and I'll senf you the link for the one I have.

Happy shopping.


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Just wanted to say "THANK YOU" the wedge was bought on July 7th and dad has been using it since. He said it has help him, but since I don't sleep with him I don't really know. My parent's doesn't like to tell me, if he's not feeling good or had a bad night. I feel like I'm a PITA asking him all the time, but he knows I love him and I'm just trying to help him as much as possible.



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