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3rd time a charm?

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Back in the hospital yesterday and this time they kept me. With no immune system to speak of it appears pnemonia snuck up on me and oh my gosh is breathing difficult. Heart rate is running thru the roof in the 130's. They got me on so many different antibiotics they have to swagger them to get them to mix. Man, I feel like someone has beat the crap outta me! Tina....I agree it's better I am here. I don't often admit to needing help...but I need help...I'm in a bad way. Sure would appreciate a prayer or good vibe sent my way, I will take anything right now. Thanks my friends


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My prayers are with you. I wish I had magic words... Lorie

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you can get in some messes cant you.you know my prayers and thoughts are with you.get some rest,i know it is hard to do that in a hospital go figure,but let those doctors do there job so you can get the strength to fight on....Godbless....johnnybegood

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Jennie, take it easy, let the doctors and the meds do their job. You rest!!! Sending prayers, positive vibes your way.

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Prayers and all good wishes are yours for a speedy recovery and release from the hospital.

But until then, rest and regain your strength.

Hugs and love,

Marie who loves kitties

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I know that oncologist didn't like your calcium numbers and asked you to come in to ER, was that telling him you had pneumonia??

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Wish you feel better very soon!

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thinking of you and hoping all the antibiotics will scare all evil bacteria out of you.

A gentle hug from Germany

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Oh Jennie, I'm so sorry that you're back in the hospital, but you really need the extra care and attention right now. Sending warm thoughts and hugs your way...and get better soon.


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Our thoughts and prayers are with you
Hugs Linda

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You are having a really rough time and I hope things settle down and you get a little peace sometime soon- you deserve it.


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You will be fine. You are in the best place for your health right now. Get lots of rest, get as much sleep as you can, eat what they put in front of you and you will be bouncing out of there pretty quick.

Take care my friend.

Love and Hugs - Tina

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I'm glad they are going after all your bugs. Your where you need to be. I'm praying so hard for you. Get as much rest as possible. Jeff

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Sorry to hear you are in the hospital, but it sounds like a good place to be while your body heals and settles down.
Get Well Soon~

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Jennie, so sorry about this. Prayers are coming your way. I even have the dog on her knees ; )
Feel better soon, my friend.

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Definitely sending (((HUGS))) and support your way. The hospital is the best place for you. HOpefully, they'll give you something to relax you, then leave you alone so you can actually rest. Keep us posted,

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What the heck! Would you please rest?! listen to your body. And don't be like oh I'm feeling better today I can go home tomorrow, go when the doctors think you are fine to.
Sending prayers and love your way.

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Praying for you!

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Let them take care of you. Rest and recover.

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When asked for words to fit all occasions, the wise man said" and this too will pass." Hang in there, better days are ahead.

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With your recent news and your current hospitalization, you have been on my mind and in my prayers a lot.

I hope those doctors get you fixed up and out of there so you can enjoy the rest of the summer.

Sending you a million virtual hugs from hot NJ,

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Prayers and lots of hugs going your way from me and Lulu here in Utah.

Rest and get better!

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Prayer, Hugs and Lots of Postive Energy coming your way...

Make sure you get some yogurt with all those antibiotics..
and drink plenty of water... I hope they water in your oxygen too..

Take you rest and come back to us soon..

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and wishes for strength and healing coming your way. I had pneumonia too while on FOLFOX, and it was pretty awful. The hospital is definitely the right place to be, as sucky as it is. Keep us posted, we'll all be thinking of you. ann

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O Jennie, you know how to get into trouble pretty quick.
Healing lights and prayers are coming your way.
Now rest and enjoy being looked after. Get the bugs out and regain
your strength, that is an order.
Love you , hugs, Marjan

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I don't know if it's all the drugs they got me on or what but I sat here reading your replies and laughing my arse off....Judy Judy Judy...got your dog on his knees...omg ...that one still has me laughing.....and my god you guys know me....marjan...I can get myself into trouble faster than anyone...LOL...yep! Little Sis scolding me..,oxygen in my water Donna? Omg...thanks for that...and the prayers and all the well wishes. I am DEFINATELY messed up on drugs here. Man, I cant hardly type so if it's messed up blame the Vicodin or that patch or that Demerol? I was saying no I don't want that or that or that and finally said screw it..... Just make the hurt go away....best thing I ever did! I think I will stay like this for a few days to help me thru the nite and over the hump. They said I would be here til at least tues or wednesday but that was necessary to get me well enough for Cyberknife by Friday.....and that is the goal.....man...all that just wore me out....lthanks again homeys.....homeys? Omg...who said that? Nite lol


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I love your spirit! You are so inspirational. Feel better and get some sleep! Take what you need - no more hurting! Sweet dreams homey!

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water in your oxygen.. the will attach a bottle to keep your sinuses from drying out and cracking frm the oxygen... ask they wil do it..

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Hey Jennie - I'm glad they have you on the good drugs so you are feeling alright! Sorry about the pnuemonia, and hope it clears quickly. I was camping in the boonies with no Internet this week, so I didn't know about this till now. I hope today is a better day for you.

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Hey girl, they are giving you drugs just to keep you from giving them a hard time!!!
Rest, and get well sweet Jennie. Carly (my bichon) says she hope you get better real quick. Her knees hurt!!!

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Sending you good vibes!


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Hey Jennie, I've been offline, no electric at my house so I've been out of the loop of your trials this week. Glad you're in the hospital where they can deal with your "crud" and blood issues and bowels.....too much! It sounds like you're letting them do their thing to get you well for cyberknife. If I know you, you will be fit as a fiddle soon. I'm sending the good stuff your way, prayers, vibes, light, love, all. By the way, Folfox kicked my butt last winter. One treatment WBC-1.4......among other bad numbers....rough stuff for many of us. But you're on your way back up! Keep resting and let them take care of you. Laura

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kick butt and take names, you can do it! Prayers and hugs to you. Enjoy the vicotin and rest.


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Sending every good vibe I've got your way and a prayer or two as well. Glad you are being taken care of, sorry you have to be taken care of, but thankful you are were you will be well taken care of.
Thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way girlfriend.
Oh and glad you're enjoying the drugs ;)!!
Winter Marie

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Been out running around all day so I just saw your post. So glad you went back to ER and were admitted. Certainly not glad for the reasons. Hope your sleeping now and healing. Sending tons of good vibes from Arizona. Will be thinking of you.



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Jennie, Thanks for the update, so glad that you are in hospital finally. Please be patient and let the doctors + medicine work....Hugs of comfort, patience and healing. Art

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Prayers on the way. Home is a good place to be but you need a hospital right now. Hope you get to feeling better soon.


Momof2plusteentwins's picture
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I know it's not fun being there, I just got out 18 days ago, but you will feel like a new car when you get out. a little tune up and new fluids and you will be better than ever. Sending prayers and good vibes your way.

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So sorry of all your setbacks...Rest, take your drugs, and soon cyberknife will zap that pesky met. Prayers and hugs from Alabama!

Angela and Robert

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Sending loving thoughts your way. So sorry you are going through this mess. Good call on the pain meds! Sometimes it is good to accept.

Thinking of you all the time


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So glad you're in there and they are taking away the pain. Sounds like you're OK with the buzz too and enjoying the laughs. I am really sorry you are not feeling great but we all know you are going to bounce back. Just take your time and let them take care of you. Sending love, aloha and prayers.


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Our thoughts and prayers are with you! Chemo landed me in the hospital twice. It is a difficult journey. Get Better!

Once you are allowed food, ask the Doc for Probiotics. All of the antibiotics kill the good flora and allow the bad flora to take over in the digestion system, which has also been attacked by cancer.

Best Always! mike

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