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Hello everyone. My name is Mitsue and I am 15 years old. I'm writing for my mom who fell victim to Cancer. In the beginning of 2012, my mother found out she had stomach cancer. It was a mystery at first because we didn't know it was cancer by the time it developed to stage four. She lost her health insurance due to usage of money used by our father. So we weren't able to identify for sure if it was really cancer. My mother that time was hopeless. She struggled through pain and suffering. We tried asking our father to do something about checking her out to the doctors but he did nothing of help because it was most likely impossible for anyone to accept a woman with bad credits and no insurance. So in order to get checked up by the doctors, my mom waited for a very long time and applied for a health insurance for poor people. By the time she got examined, they told her she had a tumor blocking in her stomach which made her throw up and have belly pain. They did surgery on her in Februray and after 11 hours of waiting they told us it spreaded to the Lymph Nodes. It was very depressing to hear that because the lymph nodes is where it spreads everything to the organs. We found out that lukily it only spreaded so far to the intestines by the lymph nodes. After weeks and weeks of staying in the hospital, my mother was finally released to come home. She was able to eat again, but very little and she was able to move which was very good. My mom was doing so good that when she took her CT scan it showed no cancer signs. It was very exciting to hear that and it made me super happy for my mom. For all the hard work she did to stay healthy and eat healthy and such. After a while, my mom's doctor prescribed her iron pills to boost her red blood cells because she had Anemia. And after some time she took it, it showed that she had cancer again. Was it because of the iron pills?
After a few months of living normal again, my mother had to go back to the hospital sometimes because of vomitting too much or pain. She also had to go back because she had water bloating. It was really scary to witness that because it was like her stomach was gonna explode and my mom got depressed by it. But sometimes we would tease her to cheer her up and say "So whens the baby coming?"
Somewhere Later my mom tried 4 different types of Chemo to decrease the water bloating cause by the cancer cells. It worked sufficiently and it helped decrease some of her bloating ( We could tell by the leftover flab hanging out of her stomach). But later sometime, my mom wasn't able to digest food and started to throw up again. She went to ER and we noticed her bloating stomach got bigger. She had to put the NG tube up her nose to suck all the stuff stacked in her stomach and it was not a pretty sight. She threw up the first time. The second time was a little better. But the third time was a little worse cause the tube was a little bigger which made it more sore in the throat. She had to keep that tube in her nose for the whole time, but my mom really disliked it because it really made it hard for her to swallow and talk. When our sureon came in and talked to my mom shortly after putting the tube in, my mom got what she desired and she was able to take it off. Though even with that on or off, it didn't change the fact that my mom had extreme pain from her stomach. She kept asking for pain killers to decrease to pain but it only lasted for 2 hours short.
Recently, my mom has been shedding lots of hair. We cleaned it up all the time when ever she went to the bathroom. And today we shaved her head cause she asked us to. :)
Today was the most sad day of my life because after all those hard and tough times of going through Stomach cancer together with my mom, We were told that she only has 2 months to live because the Chemo treament didn't responded so well and she had an aggresive cancer. Which made us all cry so hard because our mom is our hero and our best friend and our everything. She took care of us no matter what. She did so many things in life that were regretting and she went through many things that were hard. She went to school and had a job and took care of three of us at the same time. She took care of us by herself. And she gave us equal love and equal punishments. It was really hard to really let that go cause you only live once and my mom didn't live a very good one. She always strayed in the path of an ugly road and we wanted to grow up and fix it.
But now, all we can do is hope that our mom's cancer will go away in the next Chemo treatment and hope that our mom will live up to 110 years old.