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shoulder pain indicating bone Mets?

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Once again to ask for your opinions

My mom was diagnosied to be stage IV with met to liver. And had resection of rectum and left robe of liver right away. Then she went through 12 cycles of FOLFOX and followed by about 2 months Xeloda alone by now.

She felt pain in her left leg a few weeks ago for about 1 day, then right shoulder for about 1 day; then right leg for a couple days. Now she feels painful in both shoulder for a couple of days and seemee to be more sever this time.

Is the pain indicating bone Met? or possibly other reasons, such as rheumatoid arthirits or blood clot?

Much appreciated!

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My mets don't hurt..
Highly suggest having a DR diagnos what is occurring rather than guessing at it.

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Seriously she needs to get to a doctor....I had pain ended up being blood clots in my lungs. I wouldn't wait to see a doctor.

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Although there are a few people on this board with bone mets (including me!), it is relatively unusual in colorectal cancer. For what it is worth, I had no symptoms (pain, discomfort) when I was diagnoses with bone mets -- and that was the case for 18 months.

That being said, I'm a strong believer that if anything is bothering you (or your mom), you should check with your doctor.


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suffered from the same thing. Turns out per the doctor (general practioner)the reason for the shoulder pain is due to possibly during surgery they move you around in different ways and positions and you end up with the shoulder pain which also eventually becomes arm pain. I had it first in one shoulder and then the other and then both arms as well. Cortisone shots took care of it and now my shoulders are fine. Pepe had the same problem and same fix as I did. What a relief. Hope the cure is as easy for your mom.
Winter Marie

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I had excruciating pain in my right shoulder for 2 years after my surgery. The doctors pin the arms over the head and being in that position for a long time (my surgery was 7-8 hours) can cause injury. A friend of mine that had the same surgery ended up having to get surgery on the rotator cuff due to the damage and pain.

My pain was mostly intolerable when I lifted my arms over my head in a lying position. It has since resolved due to the heavy weight training I did to improve my shoulder.


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I am so grateful for your comments, all are so supportive and informative.

I will send her to see a doctor this coming Monday. It is not easy for us since it will take 10-hour train to see her oncologist in a good hospital in China :(.

I will update you once we got the diagnosis from her doctor.

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Do NOT wait until Monday. It doesn't matter if this is "convenient" or not. If she has a blood clot, waiting until Monday could be deadly. CALL NOW!

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I sure hope with this post being from 2 days ago, that you have already done this, but if not, please call the doctor.

I know that on many sites I sound like a broken record, but seriously, we aren't doctors here. The thing that scares me about this is pain that started in a leg, and is now in shoulders - this could likely be a blood clot that broke loose from the leg and moved up. I had severe shoulder pain with a blood clot in my subclavien vein (the one my port went into). It might be nothing, but it does need to be investigated. They may be able to check with an ultrasound if she doesn't want a CT. They found my first clot (a PE) with CT, but the second one they found with ultrasound. An Ultrasound won't find PE's, but it will find them in legs and other areas.

When it comes to side effects, while we can all say if we've had them or not, the FIRST step should really be to call the doctor and report the situation and see what they have to say. If you are not comfortable with that, asking questions here may give you possible ideas to call the doctor back with.

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