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And the liver biospy is in............

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Well its confirmed the spot on liver is cancer:(But the weird thing is he said something about it being a gland type cancer and thats not the same kind I have in my rectum.He said because it borders my anus/rectum it can have characteristics of both types of cancer which dont make to much sense in my head but I called my oncologist and asked for him to call and explain it better for me.But on a better note he said I should start my radiation in a few weeks and the spots on my lungs might fad as they are so small but my liver we will see after my radiation is done:)Thank everyone of you on here this site makes me feel better about everything and gives me hope:)

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Here is the name of another doctor you should have your doctors contact. He is located in California and has treated someone I have been in contact with for liver mets and she is now doing quite well, with her last scan being clean. She was treated with carbo, taxol and xeloda.

Dr. William Stanton
(619) 839-0193

Please let me know if you need any additional information.

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I am so grateful you could be present for her and so quickly too. I am very very grateful for this discussion board and everyone who has worked to make it possible for us to be here for each other. Thank you God and all those who have worked to make this possible and especially you for giving her and the rest of us this reference and this hope.
Sincerely, Sandy

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