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It is not Don's gallbladder

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Well Shoot

Turns out that it is not Don's gallbladder and they have ordered another CT scan for tomorrow morning. Today he has to drink some nasty stuff for bowels which haven't moved in 5 days. He had the pain in his abdomen prior to the bowel issue so though that sure isn't helping the situation any, it is not the cause of it.

We will get CT results Monday. Also, we have an appointment with Med Onc tomorrow afternoon - perhaps he can shed some light on this for us.

Don seems to be holding up well throughout this - me; NOT.


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Sorry that you did not get a good answer yet. Please make sure that his "stomach" and blood vessels are not twisting. (my reply on Tuesday). They should easily be able to tell from the scan.
Can never be to careful.

I will be thinking about you.

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Hang in there! Glad that Don is holding up ok. Hope you get answers quickly as to whats going on. We will continue to keep you both in our prayers.


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I was silently waiting to hear it was his gallbladder. I hope the new scan gives you some answers and some good news.


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I was really hoping it was something simple and obvious. Hoping that you get some better information when you meet with Don's oncologist tomorrow.

Praying for good news.

Best Regards,

Paul Adams
Grand Blanc, Michigan

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Hang in there, Judy. I'm still hoping and praying you get an answer that the cause of the pain is something fairly simple and easily fixable!

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I had mine removed at 34 (two years before I discovered I had colon cancer). Compared to gallbladder surgery, colon surgery was a piece of cake. From what I understand, having your gallbladder removed is one of the more painful surgeries there is. Because I'm not a candidate for an esophagectomy I can't compare it to gallbladder or colon surgery.

I also wanted to wish you a belated Happy Birthday from another June 21st baby (4:20 pm). I love it when the 21st falls on the first day of summer and it was even better when it fell on Father's Day. My grandfather and I got to pick the restaurant for our "special day" dinner.

Again, sorry/glad it wasn't his gallbladder but I know everything will turn out just fine.


And thanks for the FEC! Even my oncologist agrees.

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Judy, Praying the answer will come soon. The waiting after a test is awful.Hope the trip to the onc.was positive.
Praying for God to give you and Don strength through this latest trial.

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FEC.....FEC......FEC...... Now have a good weekend!!!!

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Well darn
Hope they find an answer soon and it turns out to be something relatively innocuous. I will be thinking of you and willing positive news to come from the oncologist tomorrow.



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Damn, Judy! You and Don need some good news. *I* need some good news from this frickin' board.

Hope to see something positive with next results. Prayers and hugs to you!

PROUD wife to Nick, age 49
lost battle to FEC 06/19/12

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I sent you a PM too last night but just want you to know I'm thinking of you both today. Wishing you good news and some peace!


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Ohhhh Judy! I'm thinking so much of you and Don today, I'm hoping for wonderful news! Prayers to both of you!


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Hoping you got some good news today. We are all thinking of you and wishing you the best. BMGky

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Praying for you guys today. I hope they find the cause of his pain. Praying it is something not related to the cancer and easy to fix. I understand your statement, Don is holding up well, you not so much. I feel the same way. This is all so hard. Please know you are being prayed for today!


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