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My scar aches

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I was wondering if anyone could give some insight.... In February I completed 6 r-chop chemos. Pretty much paid it no attention even though I hat very second of it I wasn't going to give in. Thought it was a pretty good attitude at the time. Docs have said that everything is looking good but I live in fear of this bloody thing returning. Recently, where I live in New Zealand the weather has been terrible... Middle of winter and all and the area in my tummy where the lymphoma was located in which a scar is left has begun to ache. I wondering if this ache is caused by the weather, in the same way it affects old sporting injuries or is the something more sinister going on? Has anyone else experienced this before? Would appreciate any feedback regarding this....


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When are you due to have a follow up scan? If the ache persists, you should probably call your doctor and tell him whats going on. I had tumors in my stomach, but no surgery to remove them....chemo did the job and shrunk them down to nothing. The only scar I have is on my groin where they took the lymphnode/large lump out to biopsy. It's never given me any problems. I think a good rule of thumb after finishing chemo is to watch carefully any aches, pains, or changes, and if something just doesn't feel right...call the doc and get checked out. Let us know what you do, and "Welcome" to the group. Best wishes...Sue
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Thanks Sue. When I refer to my scar I am meaning the lymph node shrinking down to nothing but a scar. No actual wound. Pretty much exactly the same as you. The lymph node that was effected got to a size of 18 x 20 cm before I noticed anything so it was pretty big, that's how I found out about that I had it. Thank you for your welcome and for your advice. I shall call my doc and get checked out.


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There are quite a few nerves running through that area, and a lymph node that large was likely impinging upon one or two of them. As it shrinks, the scar tissue that forms may affect one of those nerves. I had an excisional biopsy of an inguinal node, and the incision itches occasionally to this day.

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Hi Steve and welcome :).

I agree with the others. Let us know what you find out.



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