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PET reveals lung & uterus

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Hi, haven't been able to add a post to my original posting so I am going to start afresh.

18 June 2012, Control MRI revealed 34mm x 28mm mass in the base of my left lung . 19 June first appointment with lung specialist referred for biopsy/endoscopy & TEP scan, bloods taken for various, including allergies. 22 June fibroscopy under general revealed a dynamic excessive collapse of my trachea and the branches into the lungs, apparently caused by this deep chronic cough that sparked off these investigations. They were unable to take sample due to my excessive coughing during the procedure even though I had been on a nebulizer for half an hour prior to being given the general, so they had to stop the procedure. I started treatment on 22nd for possible infection, 3 x 1g/125mg Augmentin daily for 15 days.

29 June TEP scan. 3 July appointment with lung Dr to assess results. Lung mass came up as suspect and a further mass /nodule was identified in my uterus. The cough is as bad as ever, if not worse due to invasiveness of endo, this morning (5 July), I have woken with deep pain across the base of my right lung and my breathing is becoming slightly more laboured and I cough every on every 3rd or 4th breath even though I am still on Augmentin ! Next steps organised immediately biopsy of left lung under scanner by a radiologist under local (that's freaking me) followed by ultrasound of uterus. 3 July am booked in for an overnight stay (don't understand why it's an overnighter as I check in for 9am ???) So they can do both procedures.
At no stage have the words tumour or cancer been mentioned and there are possibilities other than that, however, my husband and I are well aware of the incredible urgency with which I am being given appointments and being treated, so we know what's behind that. We are extremely lucky to live in a country where the healthcare system is in the main astounding (France), and the approach is leave no stone unturned.

I am an absolute optimist and believe that for every problem there are numerous solutions & I do not give up on anything, so whatever fate deals us we will deal with it. If the truth be told I know I have not been 'feeling well/right since Nov 2009, but life has been busy since then dealing out tragedies in my family which has given me no choice but to ignore it & put it down to the stress. One thing that has been a shock is that I brought a chest X ray from 2007 to the specialist as a bench mark of my lungs without this thing (I was given a clean bill of health on that report from the radiologist,) but there it was when she put it up on the light box plain as day for all to see, already there 5 years ago !!!!!

Since the 3 July, I am calm and accept what will be will be, however it is not lost on me the number of women posting about having uterine cancer that has metarsised to the lung.

I do not wish to discuss what is happening with anyone but my husband for the moment so this forum has been an invaluable find. Kudos to the person(s) who set it up & to all of you that give such incredible advice & support, BRAVO:-)

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Whew! You have been through a lot but remember it's not cancer until the biopsy says it's cancer. Please keep us informed.

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