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message from Clamryn ( Linda )

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I recieved an email from Linda this morning saying that she has decided to stop chemo and start hospice. She is having a lot of trouble with mouth thrush here's hoping that it will clear up more easily without chemo treatments. She asked me to tell you that she loves you all.
(((HUGS))) Maria

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right now. I have a lump in my throat hearing this news about Linda who has been so kind to me and I am also angry that this insidious disease keeps devastating all of these truly wonderful women.

Please let her know I am holding her in my heart and wishing her and her family the very best.


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I am so sorry she is having such issues. I know she has not been feeling well for a while now. I miss her posts. She is a sweet and brave lady and I too pray for the best for her and the family.

Linda (also!)

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My heart is breaking also. Camryn has always been a rock and always had good information and heart felt posts of love and encouragement. I miss her posts. God bless my friend..Val

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your information from Linda. I am so sad for her. Sending her and her family my prayers and good wishes as she takes this new turn in her journey.


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Thank you so much for sharing this horrible news. I had been wondering how she was doing. I will miss all her wonderful posts and her caring person. My prayers go out to Linda and her family. Love you Linda, you are so very special!!!

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Maria, for updating us. I will miss her sweet posts, full of love and hope. Meanwhile, I hope she gets some relief from her pain and and hospice can make her more comfortable. She has faught long and hard! Give her my love,

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Thanks for sharing this news. Here's hoping her symptoms improve...


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