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power back on

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I've been MIA because a nasty storm knocked out our power for 5 days! We had bought a generator after last years hurricane, so at least we had some power..... a lot of trees came down but minimal property damage. Clean up is going to start soon. Like my wife said we survived cancer twice so we can get thru this! Vinny

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Yep, what's a few trees and debris compared to cancer ;)?

Hopefully you came up with a new culinary masterpiece
in salvaging freezer/fridge items and firing up the grill!

Glad your "plugged in" again :).


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Hi Vinny,
Oh man, 5 days is a total bummer to be without full power! It's a good thing you had the generator! Most important though, is you and Lisa did not get hurt! I watched the news earlier and they said millions are still without power in some area's. I hope your lovely garden survived. We have some friends that live outside of Chicago and they also lost power. Lisa is right...you survived cancer twice and you can survive this also...you already did, but now have the darn clean up to do. Thanks for letting us know you are ok...(danged old mother nature...she can be such a "you know what", when she wants too)! :) Much love to you and Lisa....Sue

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thanks guy's, my garden got clobbered, but I saved what I could, we grilled out side a few times Jim, we have gas so we were still able to lite the stove!

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I have only been close to a tornado once, a few years back when visiting my mom in Kansas and that was really scary can't imagine being through a hurricane. Glad to hear that you and your wife are ok, everything can be replaced except for life! Take care


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