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Stent Done-Blood Vomits-What is next step?-Safe Surgery?-

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My father's esophageal stent has been placed yesterday. He had blood vomits this morning. Is it normal after stent placement?
After receiving your responses that he may be a candidate for surgery, I asked many doctors but most of them are not willing. for a quick reference of my daddy's history I am writing here again:
Age: 72 Years
Type: Adenocarcinoma
Stage: T3N1M0
Heart: Ejection fraction 35%

the only reason that doctors mention for not doing surgery is weak heart? Can you people advise me is there any way of safe surgery, means considering his heart condition.

Also please tell me which is the mildest chemo medicine suitable for him, because many doctors here says that he cannot sustain normal chemo therapy.

I desperately looking for your guidance and kind support.

Daughter of T3N1M0, EC

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Posts: 14
Joined: Jun 2012

OMG, I typed a very long reply to your above post and that all vanished when I pressed the Post Comment button. I am unable to retrieve it. Well for now please tell me what is an actual risk involved in surgery with 35% heart. Tomorrow a board of doctors will call their meeting and I have to make my work complete to converse and argue with them for surgery.
Waiting for your reply,

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