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My News

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Hi everybody

Just passing on my good news! Having now finished 7 rounds of carboplatin/taxol and 2 surgeries in the last 6 months my oncologist last week told me I am in remission. I am over the moon! My CA125 down to a normal 21 so very happy with that. Off to Italy and the UK in two weeks and will spend 5 weeks travelling with my dear husband and daughter (who is expecting grandchild No. 1) and meeting up with a cousin. Should be wonderful. Still waiting on hair, brow and lashes to all grow back but some small signs that they will. That will be a bonus! I am also having acupuncture to help boost my immune system and feeling positive about that.
My love and prayers to you all.

Gold Coast, Australia

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I am soooooo pleased for you, hope you have a lovely holiday especially here in the uk! X

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Posts: 141
Joined: Jan 2012

Thank you so much! We will be in London for the second week of the games - daughter's fiancee is swimming in the 10km marathon swim so will be very exciting and I am sure London will be magnificent! Then some touring - south, north and Scotland!
Julie X

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Hi Julie...
So pleased for you. I loved hearing your news. Have a lovely holiday! :) :)

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Hope you have a wonderful trip! Sounds like lots of fun! You deserve every minute of it!

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Tina Brown
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Well done it is great to read good news on here
Tina xx

Best Friend
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This is wonderful. Always happy to hear this. And ur gonna be a grandmom. That is AWESOME! Now u have something even more wonderful to look forward to.

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Hi Julie, that is woundeful news! I am so happy for you and I hope you will have the best vacation and what a treat with your first grandchild coming! Live life to the most!

Lots of love,
Sophie, Sweden (just back from a holiday in Italy!)

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