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Just A Little Help(Not Cancer Related)

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Hi All,

Hubby is having eye surgery Thursday as the doctor has been unable to stop the bleeding in his eye. He is having nose bleeds now, possibly related? The plan is to clean out the blood and laser some of the veins, I believe. Had to make an emergency visit to the cardiologist to get clearance for the surgery. EKG not great, but surgery is still a go.

So just asking for prayers, good vibes etc. for him. It is always Murphy's Law for him with any type of surgery,(He woke up during the defibrillator surgery. Ouch!)

On another note, please throw in some of those for my JBG also. She lost one of her little Cocker Spaniels last week so she can use some cheering up.



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Oh my, I am sure sending prayers your way. And to JBG. I lost my 16 yr old bichon and know what it is like to lose a beloved pet/friend.
Sending lost of prayers, healing light and cyber hugs your way.

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All of you are in my thoughts and prayers. Think about your daughter all the time and wishing for everything to go well with hubby. You are a wonderful mom and spouse that is for sure.

Hugs! Kim

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as you deal with these new hurdles. Hugs to hubby and best wishes for good results; and hugs for JBG and her loss. Our four-leggeds are so critical for our well being when we are dealing with difficult times.

all the best, Leslie

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May the surgery go without a hitch and make the problems all better.

Prayers and hugs to your hubby, your JBG and yourself.

Marie who loves kitties

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your husband's way. I hope it's a quick and easy procedure (and no waking up during-yikes!). Ann

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I'm wishing and praying that all works out with the surgeries. Jeff

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Praying all goes well with the surgery.

So, so sad about JBG's pet. That hurts.

( Wolfen...in another thread you mentioned the heat and "drive-by-shootings".......for some reason, I had pieced together that you lived in or near Scottsdale. Say it isn't so. That is one of my favorite areas )

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for you mom and Ron (my stepdad) as always.wish i could be there and thanks everyone for your prayers and good vibes.we love you all dear friends,as you are part of our family also.((((HUGS)))...Godbless....johnnybegood

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Your hubby ,and JBG!
hugs every body!

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Thanks for all your warm thoughts and prayers. I'll let you know how it goes.

Janie, I do live in Scottsdale. I guess I'm referring to the Phoenix metro area. It's just a big conglomeration of cities now at least 100 miles across. For the most part, The drive-bys are in west Phoenix. Unfortunately $hit happens everywhere. My 60 year old? neighborhood even has police signs up stating that we are a high crime neighborhood. I spend a lot of time inside the house.LOL



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We are sending good thoughts and prayers for you and your husband. When one is sick and the other goes down, it makes an uncertain time.

Best Always, mike

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Praying for you!


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Praying that the surgery clears everything up.


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