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Is there a way to contact the moderator/admin of this board?

BuyTheStars Member Posts: 1
I know there's an option to contact CSN in general using the Contact CSN link but I was wondering is there a specific administrator or moderator for this lung cancer board that I can get in contact with? Does anyone know?

Many thanks,


  • Dapsterd
    Dapsterd Member Posts: 291
    No I dont, but what you will find here is years of experience and wisdom, and some knowledge professionally of the subject. Thats the best I can do.

  • Ex_Rock_n_Roller
    Ex_Rock_n_Roller Member Posts: 281
    I assume there's one out there ...
    ... because occasional examples of marketing spam, etc. have a way of disappearing not long after they're posted. I would think you would have to ask the question through the general "Contact CSN" link, but I don't know how specific an answer you would get.

    Or maybe post something really inappropriate and see what happens? ;-)
  • soccerfreaks
    soccerfreaks Member Posts: 2,788
    There is no contact specific to this forum, but you can reach the CSN adminstrator via email at [email protected]

    Hope that helps.

    Take care,