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Adrenal Cancer post surgery

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Hello to all. I was wondering if there is anyone out there that could answer some questions or give some suggestions. My wife had a 14cm tumor removed in July of 09. It was diagnosed as "boarderline" and treated with mitotane. Since then we have had a baby in early 2011, and then she had another surgery in 2011 (summer) for what looked like an intestine growth. this turned out to be a benign lymph node.

So, many blessings so far for which we are eternally grateful.

My concern is that now, a year after her last surgery, she is still experienceing swelling/bloating in the stomach area. We have just been dealing with it since the first surgery since the doctors all said they weren't conserned.

Daily, people ask if my wife is pregnant. It is taking it's toll on her in a number of ways.

So, my question is....has anyone out there experienced this? Did it turn out to be anything other than (what the PT says) a lack of stomach muscles due to the pregnancy and the surgeries?

My concern is that one day, the bloating is very pronounced, but then the next day it is much less. It fluxuates daily almost. And her stomach is very hard when bloated- doesn't seem like a lack of muscle causing it.

Any feedback wouuld be much appreciated and God be with you.

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