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it's been awhile

Best Friend
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Just popping in. Life seems to just roll on and on, ya know? Mom is still in remission. So that's 8 months. I have a question though. She has been nauseous constantly. She also has no energy. It is sad seeing as though she has been without chemo for so long. She still hasn't bounced all the way back. I am happy but it just ages you. Still wondering why we should pray to God. Sorry ladies. If God created cancer than i don't wanna know him. Thanks to you all again. If you have any answers about the nausea and something for energy let me know!

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Hi Best friend, Thank you for your reply to my post, as you read my mum is so tired and after a few good days she is not so good again, she was given amphetamines and they seemed to help briefly, the doc said she could double the dose, then a couple of days a go she fell and is feeling agitated so the nurse told her to stop them! I don't know why she didn't say to reduce them? I also would have thought she would be on anti depressants as she is obviously depressed, yesterday she told my sister that she couldn't go on and that the supposed good days were just her putting on a show! That I don't believe, I think when she is feeling so low and ill she can't remember the better days. As for your last comment, I have never had a faith but if I had it would sure be tested now and I don't think it would win!! Oh also the sickness, it seems to take a lot of trial and error to get mums under control, they seem to be very good at the hospice, keep pushing for them to try different drugs, lots of love to you and your mum X

Best Friend
Posts: 222
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They really should put her on an anti-depressant. That is crucial. You would think that would be one of the first things on the list. Oh well. Maybe they have some reason for it. At some of the cancer treatment centers they say they treat the mind and the body. Maybe some docs aren't aware of the importance. I don't use the word faith in a religious matter because i am not exactly the biggest believer in God. I just mean spiritually.
I just know it's never easy. So, if we can't help raise their spirits than the battle is so much harder for them. I still cringe thinking of the whole chemo and mom saying she was ready to die. I know i would have helped her no matter what she decided. Just stay who you are.

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I have changed my username from Sophie to Millie just as you know. Good to hear from you and how your mums are doing. We have been on vacation for five weeks now and mums been in and out of hospital a few times but is home at the moment. She had a pump for the paincontrol fixed in her back now which releaves a lot of pain. Downside is that she cant feel her legs that well with the fluid in the pump but when she has "good days" she forgets about it and is up and about. Mum cant have chemo because of low numbers on her kidneys and she hasn´t had any chema since april. Numbers are going up (around 300 now, but CT scan shows only slightly more tumors). She had a stop in her testines that was removed during surgery in june successfully. So the struggle continues. Mum is on depression medicine as from last year and that is really good for her.

Good to hear that your mum is still in remission BestFriend! Hope it will stay that way for a long time!

Stella65, I feel with you as yours and my mum seems to be somewhat in the same stage and its good to hear that she is taken care of and I wish all the best for her and you the time that is left. I constantly try to collect good memories and talk a lot with mum about times before cancer and her life so far. I take some notes and plan to put them in an album togheter with photos of her both befor and after the diagnose. For birthday, I wished for her handwriting her name on a gold heart that I can wear from now and as long as I live.

Lots of love to your both,
Sophie, Sweden

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Hi Best Friend. It's hard for me to say how I feel about faith in God--we all pray in our own way and I feel God listens. This whole process of Caregiving--for me it all began just before Christmas 2009 and continues with Mom--is really transformational. I just pray for myself mainly that I can continue to have the strength to keep everything going for everyone. Wishing you the best considering the circumstances and strength. For my Mom, she does have an Rx antinausea. I will try to post what it is when I can find it. For depression and anxiety, she is on Venlafaxine. I actually found the Venlafaxine for her before her diagnosis, after my father passed away. I think it has helped significantly.


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