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Sneak peek at Don's CT results

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Hey Everyone!!!

This morning we got a 'sneak peek' at Don's CT results and the report sounds VERY good - as in NED good!!!

Don has been having pains in his abdominal area for the past couple of weeks and finally yesterday it got so bad that he asked for pain pills left over from chemo and rads. He only took one pain pill during treatment - so it really got my attention when he took two yesterday.

He never even went outside which is unheard of for him. He was sleeping when I left for work so I left a note and asked him to call me when he woke up. He still was feeling terrible and tired, so I said enough - we are not waiting until Friday (our appointment for the CT results) - we're calling the doc today. So I called the cancer center and our onc is out until Friday but they had another onc read the results and they said there is nothing there that would cause any pain (meaning that on the CT scan there is no cancer showing ~~ LOVE LOVE LOVE that report!). Anyway they said to call the surgeon - so I did and he said - nothing would be going on due to any surgical related issue so call your primary care doctor. Did that and got in this afternoon. The pain is quite severe and the doc sent Don for bloodwork and tomorrow morning he is having an ultrasound - they are looking at possible issue/s with the gallbladder! Who would think that???

We can deal with the gallbladder - that's way better than the pain being caused from the cancer. We won't get those results until Thursday due to the July 4 holiday (what is it with us and the holidays?)

Has anyone else heard of had any issues with their gallbladder after going through all this?

I am keeping a close eye on him and doc prescribed a milder pain med - so I hoping he can hang in there but if not - we'll go the ER - I don't want him to be in pain a minute longer than he needs to and I don't want to wait too long and have even bigger issues.

We'll let you all know what we found out as soon as we know something. In the meantime, thank you so much for your prayers and all that positive mojo. We are good for now and LOVING it!!!

Hugs and FEC,

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Oh Judy – you and Don must be SOOO relieved! I’m really happy and relieved myself to hear Don’s news. Like you said, you can deal with whatever is causing the abdominal pain, but at least it ain’t the cancer. Now you’ll have something else to celebrate on the 4th.

Congrats, Don!

Dx 8/3/11
MIE 9/23/11

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Man what a huge relief that report was. I was so scared to call this morning, but I just had to in order to rule out cancer causing all this pain. And, we truly know that each one of you celebrates this news just as I/we did.

Loretta: You and William have so much on your plate right, please do not go to any trouble in researching this. My gosh - you two must run on some good batteries!

Hugs and FEC,

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Sounds like an awesome report to me Judy! I am happy for both Don and yourself! I hope you two get the gallbladder issue worked out.



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It sure does sound awesome!! Thank you very much. I hope they find the source of the pain, and if it is the gallbladder - get that sucker outta there! He has been through enough. The pain meds are helping so we're grateful and thankful for that.

Thank you so much for your support Chad!


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Yeah, my wife had her gallbladder out, and aside from making the abdominal pain go away, it made hardly any difference in her life and eating, although she used to be quite a steak eater, but not so much anymore.

I am SOOOOOO pleased with your results. Great, fantastic, and wonderful news. Keep it up, guys!!!


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Judy, so glad to hear the news. NOT the part about the pain or the gall bladder, of course, but you can deal with that. As long as that nasty old cancer is not there, anything else can be dealt with.
As always, will be keeping you and Don in my thoughts and prayers. And of course sending positive mojo your way.

Love and hugs,

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Thank God!!!!!

I am so so so happy...everyday that I opened the forum ..I was so hoping to hear about Don's CT scan results. This was like a quest for a little hope...since Don and my dad had the same post op scan results. Thank you GOD. There was also one thing common with between us. The craziness for the Harley Davidson and bike rides in the family....my brother owns one...and he is just crazy about it. Really Judy... Cant tell you I am so happy.


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Judy and Don that's great news!! Edie had gallbladder out laproscopicly and it was just out patient surgery, no big deal. Hope Don doesn't have to suffer anymore before he gets this cleared up. Best wishes and prayers as always.


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Oh Judy, What a lovely surprise to see your post. I knew you were not scheduled to see the onc until the 7th, so when I clicked onto the site today I was not expecting to read this wonderful news. I am so happy for you and Don - I am sitting here with a huge Cheshire cat grin on my face and probably look like a simpleton - luckily only my little tabby cat is here to see my gormless grin, and she is asleep and snoring as usual. I am so, so happy for you - wow - this is great news :D :D

If it is a gall bladders issue, that is just a minor bump after all Don has been through. Hope they can keep the pain down and get it taken care of ASAP.

Huge Hugs and FEC


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That is fantastic news. We are so happy for you and Don. I pray that the pain he is dealing with is something minor!!!
We are rejoicing with you both on the great news, that is what we all long to hear at every check point.

chad and sandy

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FABULOUS news, Judy! HOORAY, Don!

This is what I needed to see today. Thanks for the good news.

PROUD wife to Nick, age 49
lost battle to EC 06/19/12


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The third PET/CT scan after my esophagectomy (10 months post-surgery), it was discovered that my “gut” (their words) and blood vessels had become “whirled” (again, their words as stated in the report). Also, my juodenum has shifted to the right side. I am not making this stuff up. I too have been having strange stomach cramps, and am keeping a close eye on the situation. It is not unbearable, but I am concerned. My surgeon said he has not seen this phenomenon in any of his other patients and he is quite the pioneer in this field in MN. I am not on any restrictions, and their advice for now is get to the emergency room if it turns for the worst. Ahhhh. Okay!!! Sort of taking a wait and see approach at this point.
You never know, it might be something to look into.

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That is great news Judy.

Yes Vince had alot of abdominal pain and was given pain meds but nothing really helped. Has Don had any bloating at all as in fluid in the abdominal area? That is what caused Vince's pain. He had to be tapped several times to drain the fluid. Nothing ever was said about his gallbladder.

I look so forward to you telling us the entire CT scan results.

Have a happy 4th with your good news.


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Thank you Everyone!!!

Jeremie: Interesting situation indeed. I am SOOO hoping that this turns out to be gallbladder and they can remove it and Don can move on. He is in quite a bit of pain, though the pain meds seem to be helping. But of course, that means he is sleeping most of the time. Thursday we should have the results from the ultrasound and know whether or not it is the gallbladder. I cannot imagine living in this amount pain on a daily basis.

Barbara: Don has no bloating at all. The symptoms he is presenting and described to the doc seem to follow along with the doc thinking this is something to do with the gallbladder. Oh I so hope it is - he can get that puppy taken out and get on with things. It is such a relief to know it is not the cancer that all else seems pretty minor - I really hope that it is the gallbladder.

Your support and celebrations and Cheshire Cat grins are so appreciated. I have always been so happy to read that someone received an NED report, but now I know just how wonderful this news is. I will pray for NEDs for everyone forever and forever.

Love to all,

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Due to my other cancer, my gall bladder started to fail. Dr Orringer saw this on my scan and decided it would be wise to take it out. I am so happy everything is NED, good luck and please have many more clean scans

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I am soooo happy to hear that Don's scan is clear!!!! I hope whatever is causing the abdominal pain is something that can be dealt with simply and quickly. The holidays always seem to be getting in the way of your medical schedule!!

I will be praying for minor problems that are resolved quickly.

Best Regards,

Paul Adams
Grand Blanc, Michigan

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I am so happy and excited for you about these results! Fantastic!

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Oh praise be to God! Judy, what wonderful news! I'm going to type despite my thumb issue and tell you that God is smiling on you and Don! Let's keep praying that whatever is causing his tummy distress is easily fixable. What wonderful news!


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Judy and Don,
Fantastic news about the CT report. So wonderful to hear. As for the gall bladder the doctor in our house said that sudden weight loss can trigger gall bladder issues so if Don has lost a lot of weight since diagnosis or surgery and is susceptible- that may be a possibility regarding his gall bladder. But that can be managed with diet etc.. does not mean imminent surgery. You must be so relieved about the scan. I hope Don has gotten pain relief by the time you read this.


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Judy and Don,

That is wonderful news! Congrats on the clear scan, I am so happy for you both...


Janet Runge
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Great news keep it up!

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