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ligs clips left in after radical hysterectomy, problems!!

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Hi everyone, I am three years after radical hysterectomy aggresive womb cancer, I had full hyster and 32 lypmph nodes, since hysterectomy i have had three years of pain, in every part of my torso and unbelievable toilet problems, gained 5 stone, thyriod gone up the shoot and checked for every autoimune disease going still awaiting results. Was told nothing left inside me as I was very aware of body issues then found out year odd later 5 liga clips left three on one side two on other apparantly attached to venous vessles. to be honest the troubles I have now far outwiegh the cancer problems, my abdomen are is too sore to touch, i can feel huge lumps in it and my legs dont work properly. has anyone else had these problems and is there a solution?

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Am I reading this correctly? They left surgical instruments inside you?

If that's the case, I would want a new doctor, corrective surgery, and a big lawsuit!!

I can't even imagine what you have suffered.

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Clips on severed blood vessels may be left on intentionally during surgery to remove organs. I had a post-op hemorrhage when a clip slipped off a gonadal arterial during my first post-op evening and had an immediate return to the OR to find and repair. However, post-op, one can develop scar tissue and adhesions that can be quite painful as well. I am sorry you must deal with this. Have you discussed any options with a surgeon? Unfortunately many surgeons are reluctant to go in to repair as new scar tissue and adhesions can develop again. I have recently been concerned that such issues are the cause of some of abdominal pain which does seem somewhat related to intestinal activity. It has 4.5 years since my surgery. I hope they can find a way to resolve your pain.

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I am two years and eight months since radical surgery MMMT stage 1a Grade 3. It is almost 1 year since I started with pains in the pelvic are and around the whole belly area, sometimes it feels like a period pain. I had a cat scan in March and Doc said there is nothing there. So what do I do now. I go to bed with pain and it is on the scale from 1-10 I would say a 3. When I wake up I feel it and as the day goes by it gets better, then at night when I lie down it back again, also my legs do hurt. How did you find about the clips? Funny--I was thinking before I read your article that they probably left something there. What do you plan to do about this. First, like maryanne said law suit- consult a lawyer and find out what are the best steps to take. in the meantime get another doctor who can take care of this awful problem. Please let me know how you found out about this. Be well or at lease feel better. June

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in my breast after my lumpectomy. The show up bright and clear on a mammogram or MRI. I asked about my clips because it seemed wierd that they were there, and the mammographer told me that "they" always leave clips behind after most surgeries because that's how they clamp things off that might bleed. They're always mentioned on the report. Whatever they're made of will not dissolve and are safe to leave behind - or so I was told.

Just wanted to comment since I, too, just learned about surgical clips.


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I just started massage therapy on the psoas muscle and it has really helped with my pelvic and leg pain. Can you locate a place or places on you where pressing on it replicates the pain?

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In all the hospital CT scan reports ( I have had 3 to date) it never mentions clips. I go to have my annual executive management physical for my job and I had a CT scan done. In the report I get from them it list metal clips inside me. So far no problems but it would have been nice to know I had them. Especially if something else comes up and I needed a MRI done. When they ask do you have any metal and you say no, then they get pulled off the area they are clamped to and you bleed to death, a high exaggeration. I will ask my dr about when I go back in Oct. trish

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All of the CT scans I've had since surgery mention the presence of surgical clips. If the radiologist does not acknowledge their presence, I wonder about his or her level of expertise in reviewing the scan results. I've had more than one MRI since surgery and nothing dramatic happened with the clips. Don't even know they are there.

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