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Allergic reaction

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Tina Brown
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On Thursday I had an allergic reaction to my Carboplatin. It began with itchiness on my hands and feet which spread to my trunk. Then I had this strange tighness in my chest and my breathing began to feel strange. I pressed the alarm button and the nurses gave me an oxygen mask. I think I panicked a bit and my breathing became laboured. My pulse went up to 116. Then I started to retch which made my breathing worse. They eventually stablished me with "who knows what" drugs. This took about 15 - 20 minutes. I then noticed I had red patchy rashes all over my arms and a "septicemia" looking rash on my legs. This cleared after about 2 hours.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? This must've been the 15th time I've had carboplatin. My doctor told me this is quite common for people to suddenly get a reaction & I'm not to worry.

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Hi Tina...
Wanttogetwellsoon here. Now PatsieD which is my own name basically. Yes, I know what you mean. i've had anaphylaxis so I know what it's like. At least you're out of the woods. I very often get red patches on my palms and soles which then peel off over the coming weeks. It's something I also the same reaction to contrast fluid when I have CTs and the like. I haven't yet reacted to carboplatin. I wish you well. .... very much.

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