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My pathology report results

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So Friday as I was being discharged they did say that the origin of my muconious cancer is a low grade apendix cancer called pseudomyxoma peritonei. I have not really researched it much at all yet. I have just been healing and enjoying being home with my family! I would appreciate it if anyone has any insight on this, and what board on this site would I go to for support for this? Thanks!!!

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Sorry to hear that it's appendix cancer. Dr. Andrew Lowy is in California now and he has done alot with treating PMP (apppendix cancer). Though you trust your current onc/gyn, you should really at least consult with a specialist who has alot of experience in this cancer. Since it is much rarer than ovarian or colon cancer, you won't find as much on it online but you can post on csn's rare cancer forum, you can also do a google search on rare cancers. Appendix cancer and pmp are also good searches as there are some support boards out there. My cancer also is low grade but appendix hadn't ruptured as yours apparently did. Please feel free to pm me if you would like to talk more about this. Abrub, often posts here, and she also was treated for appendiceal cancer. Hang in there, it's good that it's low grade, is very treatable with the right treatment/doctors. Take care, Ruffy

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but when I saw that you "friended" me, Kale, I looked you up and found you here. I do often post on Peritoneal Cancer and Colorectal Cancer sites, as I had Appendix Cancer as well. I've posted some detailed replies to some of your other posts. In a nutshell, go to Dr. Lowy - you need someone who knows this cancer.

Take care,

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