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The Gerson Therapy Diet

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The Gerson Therapy

Hello everyone, I randomly came across this website and read about people who've lost their mother. I lost my mother to cancer and if I could bring her back and start all over I would have tried this. I've been reading online about The Gerson Therapy and there are plenty of people on youtube with testimonials...I won't get into too much detail but its a juicing and all vegetable diet that has been proven to cure terminally ill diseases. I'll post some links if anyone is interested to see why I wanted to bring this up.

I believe that hospitals only want our money when it comes to cancer, god put us on earth with plants and vegetables...chemotherapy and everything else was manmade...he gave us everything we needed, we just have to go searching for whats best.

Dr Gersons daughter speaking on this:

"The human body is organized to heal itself, expect when you damage the body's ability to do so"


The Gerson Institutes Website

I didn't want to write too much, feel free to write me back, I wish I could have saved my mom. I was 18 when it happened I didn't know any better

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Thanks for the info, will look into it.

I'm sorry that you lost your mom at a really young age, I lost my mom 3 years ago but not to cancer. A mother is something so precious it doesn't matter what age you are, they are always going to be missed profoundly.

Thanks again.


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