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dad & bladder cancer.... bunch of Qs

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My dad diagnosed with bladder cancer ( low grade, T1 on staging) 2 years ago & he is on periodic cystoscopy.
he received adriamycin once about 18 month ago ,after a cystoscopy showing 7 very small tumors, & he got a severe bladder hypersensitivity reaction, so doctor stop his chemotherapy.cystoscpoy done 6 months after that showing no new growth.

For a year along since that he is doing well with no cystoscopies, but a month ago blood in urine came back & he saw his doctor last week & underwent cystoscopy & resect 7 new tumors 2 of them were large of 2 cm size & we are waiting for new biopsy report.

Recently he feels abdominal pain with urination after the cystoscopy last week,, is this really something to worry about like metastasis or invasion??

of 2 years from diagnosis he still has pain with urination despite recurrent cystosscopies & resection of tumors, & all tests came negative ! I dont know if anyone experienced the same thing ?

I asked the doctor about using BCG instead of adriamycin to avoid allergy, but he said that we can try it but it may do the same bladder reaction as adriamycin. I'd like to know if using BCG really brought complications to some of you??

is going to T2 or high grade tumors meaning very bad outcome & we are going to resect the whole bladder ??

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i'm 57 now. 3 1/2 years ago 3 tumors high grade stage 1 diag.(non muscle invasive) after 1st turp. with urologist. went to moffitt cancer center for second opinion as was not happy with first dr. they wanted slides from first pathology and discovered high grade stage 2(muscle invasive). had also done bcg with previous to no avail. did second turp. 2 more tumors , was told they would keep coming back as bcg wasn't working. since muscle invasive, option of radical cyctectomy w/neo bladder. this is a big complex surgery, but did research on doc and was one of best at this. had surgery 3 years ago, no chemo or radiation as bladder removed. cancer gone. 3 years cancer free. still have yearly check ups, and still a chance of coming back. but i'm not worrying about having cancer all the time. my opinion is be as aggresive as possible. if you'd like to call 7274037204

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