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My friend is 45.she has been diagnosed with stage4 colon cancer in the sigmoid colon with four metastatic lesioins in to the liver in 2011.
She had surgery.and chemotherapy for six months.four months after chemotherapy her tumour markers has slightly elevated and ct scan has shown a new metastatic lesion in to the liver.
She should take Xeloda.but she is scared of taking xeloda.
She wants to know about people's experience who are taking xeloda.
Thank you so much for your time.

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Her oncologist may prescribe a little something 'heavier' for her than just Xeloda.

Xeloda is the pill form of Flouracil - which is 5fu by IV. The effectiveness of both drugs is about the same - but the side effects with Xeloda can be a little more harsh, especially on the feet.

Xeloda pills accumulate in the body and build up toxicity very quickly....left unchecked, fingertips may get sore...and feet can begin to peel and crack and become hard to stand on or walk.

It is recommended that they get something like Bag Balm, Udder Cream, or Aquaphor to use on the feet from the very beginning to stave off or prevent those conditions from getting to that point.

There is no reason to fear Xeloda - you say they have already done some other chemo - I'm assuming it would have been Oxaliplatin or Irinotecan....those are the first line drugs that oncologists prescribe first.

I would have her inquire about other chemo options to use in conjunction with Xeloda - Xeloda is more effective when combined with Oxaliplatin or Irinotecan....and Avastin, which inhibits blood flow to a physical tumor has also been used as an adjuvant.

She should discuss her situation with her oncologist. From the description you've provided, it's difficult to provide any other details at this time.

When you can find out more of what her protocol will be, you can post questions here and someone will try and help you.

Until then, welcome and thanks for your post - best wishes and good luck to your friend. Many success stories here and alot of practical information can be found.


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My main side effects are , sleepiness and tired , that aside some diarrhea and some stomach pain, but once you stop it the recovery is very very fast!
Hope it helps!

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I preetnted similiarily... however my mets are lung related..
I was 48 and I thought just xeloda was too mild a course of action.. I got a second opinion and swtiched to a doc with a more agressive course of treatment that made more sencse to me.. being young and reasnabley healthy other than cancer..
I don't know.. everyone is different.. how is she feeling other wise.. maybe she should too should get another opinion.. maybe something you should suggest to her..

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Daisy, did her surgery include a liver resection, or was just part of her colon removed?
Does she have a total of one tumor (the new one) on her liver? Or are the others still there if she did NOT have liver surgery.
Just need a little more info.

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She won't know unless she tries it. I had no side affects from the Xeloda, it worked great in conjunction with avastin.
Everyone has a different experience, mine was very good, some people have a bit of tenderness with feet or fingers peeling thing, I did not, she will not know unless she tries it.
Winter Marie

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Thank you so much every body for your very helpful comments.i realy appreciate it.
My friend is 45,married and has a daughter.her family history for colorectal cancer is negative.she has never had any GI symptoms.
One year ago she had a sever pain in the left lower quadrant.she did a sonongraphy.it had shown a larg hemorrhagic cyst in the left ovary.she did ct scan that showed some nodules on the sigmoid mesocolon and four metastatic lesions in to the liver.tumour markers was very elevated.she did colonoscopy.there was an ulcerative tumour in to the sigmoid lumen.and the result of biopsy was well-differenciated adenocarcinoma.she had undergone of resection of sigmoid segment,bilateral salpingoophorectomy,hysterectomy and resection of all metastatic lesions.she did chemotherapy with folfox 12 cycles every two weeks for six months.after chemotherapy tumour markers and ct scan were normal.there wasn't any lesion in the liver.four months after chemotherapy.ct scan has shown a new metastatic lesion in the liver and tumour markers were slightly elevated.her oncologist prescribed combination of oxaliplatin and xeloda.
I talked to her about your very kind and helpful comments.she is very greatful for your kindness.she took the first dose of xeloda today.
Thank you very much for your kindness.
Forgive me please for my spelling and grammar mistakes.my language isn't english.

son of hal
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Hello Daisy, I took Xeloda for six weeks and had no issues. That and radiation completely shrank my tumor to nothing.
Best of luck to your friend.

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Hi again, Daisy.
Your english is very good!! I am glad to hear your friend had surgery which included the liver. Sometimes a person may need more than one liver surgery.....it's quite common. And maybe she will benefit from that later, even after this next round of chemo. Time will tell.
I havent taken that particular chemo, yet, but I thought, too, it is given most of the time along with something else

Wish her all the best. Let us know how she is doing, and ask any questions. There are many helpful people here.
Take care. You are a good friend had :)

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Thank you so much for your inspiring words.i will tell you how my friend is doing.
I am very happy that met very kind people here.
Thank you very much janie.i am very glad that could write my friend's story in english language.

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