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CT results not good

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Hi everyone,
Well after 8 rounds of carbo/taxol I had a CT scan and got the results this week. The tumors responded to the first 4 rounds..shrunk over 40%...but not so well after. Two of the three tumors have started growing again and it also looks like it has invaded my bladder. I am being sent to OHSU for a consult on how to proceed from here. Has anyone with uterine cancer had this and how did they treat it? I'm so heartbroken over this news. Seems like everything that can go wrong always does. I was initially staged 1a1 and they thought surgery removed all it. Only to find 3 tumors 7 months later in my pelvis! The pain when urinating is so excruciating! I am all for them taking it out if it would get rid of the pain! Not to mention some of the cancer! There is something going on at the vaginal cuff too apparently. I just dont know how to stay positive anymore. I am in pain 24/7, on top of the bladder pain, and the pain meds they give me just dont seem to touch it. I am so frustrated! I just want to beat this and be around for my kids and grandkids but I'm afraid it's not in my cards. I'm so sad right now! Ugg I hate this crap!

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I am so sorry that your tumors are no longer responding to the chemo. However, there are other chemos that can be given. Tumors can develop resistance to some of the chemo agents so changing may be what is needed. Were your tumors biopsied to see if they are the same type and grade of cancer as your initial cancer? Did those tumors develop after chemo was started or are they a recurrence? Have you contacted your current doctor to see if you can get better pain meds to help you deal with the pain until you can see the consult? It sounds very distressing and that will only add to your stress and not help your immune system. Be a squeaky wheel if you must.
Sending positive thoughts your way that you are able to get some pain relief and a plan for treatment.

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ITA with Annie - fight for better pain meds. I was given hydrocodone during my first three rounds of chemo and that did NOTHING for the pain. The chemo nurses refused to elevate my concerns to my oncologist. When I was told I needed three more rounds of chemo, I confronted my oncologist who prescribed Tramadol for the pain - bliss!

And second opinions are essential. I wound up switching oncologists after my second surgery and couldn't be happier I did so.

You are your best advocate - never, ever, ever give up!

Liz in Dallas

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about your pain and cancer progression.

Just read article in local paper of study done my doc's group using Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) which delivers a dose of precisely targeted radiation to tumors with 82% success rate. This is used for situations like yours where chemo stops helping. Apparently this is cutting edge stuff.

I would encourage you to check this out. Let me know if you need my doc's name.

With prayers and concern, Mary Ann

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