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need a good nausea med.

garden gal
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been nauseated for 2 days now with some throwing. Already tried compazine, zofram and reglan (not sure of the spelling) is there anything else that will work. Feeling terrible,want to go to the hospital to see my son but can't right now with this nausea. Kathy

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Kathy, I get nausea with certain chemos, so I feel for you. I think the best plan is to layer the nausea meds together. Generally, the nausea meds are prescribed for every 4 hours, so if you are taking 2 or 3 kinds, you can be taking something every couple hours, until it subsides. They all work a bit differently, I am told, so that method works usually. But, they do constipate terriibly. Aloxi is one that works for some, it doesn't work for me. I use emend (can only take once a day), before chemo, there is saraton in my pre-chemo bag, and then right after I use zofran and an ativan (it is not a nausea med, but really works for me). Later in the evening, if I am stil nauseaed, I take another one (can't remember the name off hand). The next morning, I take an emend first thing and keep taking my other pills if I have to.

What chemo are you on?


PS if you are throwing up a lot, and not drinking, you can easilly get dehydrated, as you probably know, so you might want to call and see if the doc recommends getting an IV for hydration. Then, they can put some anti-nausea in your IV bottle.

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If you are in a state that has legalized medical marijuana, you are in luck. If not, maybe some of your young friends can help you out. When I needed it, my daughters helped me, and a friend of theirs even chipped in with the loan of a vaporizer. It really does work.

Cindy Bear
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I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. That sucks, esp. in the heat. Maybe there is a food or drink that might settle your stomach? Sometimes it's just hit or miss.. I was on another site and somebody swore by Kalamata olives... Someone else mentioned pickles and salt and vinegar potato chips, believe it or not. I've heard that lemon is a good home remedy. You cut a wedge of lemon, suck on it for a minute or two, then toss it. Some people swear that just smelling fresh lemon settled their stomachs.
Oh and for what it's worth.. I second the pot..
Good luck and big hugs!

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You can try pill of Kitral day of chemo.....works very well for my wife (better than Aloxi in IV form (very similar drug).

Emend is very good to start, and keep at it for a whole pack.

If Nausea is still strong, add a Sancuso patch.... this lasts for days and slowly releases medication through skin.

Wife is very sensitive to nausea... and the above regimen takes care of 95% of it. Take reglan as needed for stomach too.

garden gal
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Dr just precribed ativan and a sterod also take zofram every 8 hours will see if this works. will keep remember all sujestions. thanks really tired and feeling a little loopy maybe the ativan is doing it. never had a problem with nausea before. I'm on cisplatin now so maybe this drug is causing it. Family will be meeting at my house tomorrow to make the decision to stop all medical care for my son. There is no hope and they are now calling him brain dead. God give me the strengh and courage to do this. excuse the spelling not feeling well thanks again kathy

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Good luck on Ativan....it is not really an anti-nausea medicine but some find it helps with that. For my wife, it made her quite uneasy, and whipped out for an entire day.... She cannot take that drug. Increasing Zofran, maybe upto 32mg a day can help. The other drugs mentioned are not generic like Zofran, much more expensive...but somewhat more effective. Keep them in mind if things dont work out.

Key to nausea is to get ahead of it. Once it sets in, it is very difficult to get rid of. Know how you are feeling...as attack it head-on at the start, before real nausea develops.

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There are only 2 meds that ever helped with my nausea. Ativan helps but it makes you very sleepy and marijuana helps more than anything but the taste made me vomit. Also I noticed a huge differance when I started eating oranges during my infusions.

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I know it is probably the chemo, but your nerves are probably all frayed since your son is in the hospital. The Adivan will help for some of that, but if you're throwing up the suppository with phenagan(sp) forte is a God-Send! Best, Debrajo

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