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Have you heard of Anastrozole?

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Green Leaf
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It is also known as Arimidex, an aromatase inhibitor.

Hi, ladies.
I went to see my med/ono this morning.
My latest CA125 has jumped to 65 (it was only 8 in March).
The Dr suggested me the following options:
(1) Wait and see, until I can feel some obvious symptoms.
(2) Have a CT scan.
(3) Participate in a clinical trial on this Anastrozole.

I am very worried.
Any ideas?

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I haven't heard of Anastrozole but maybe other ladies on this board have. If my CA 125 jumped from 8 in March to 65 and those were my choices, I think I would request a CT scan right away. I don't trust myself to recognize even obvious symptoms. Did your doctor say anything about getting a PET scan?

Take care,


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Green Leaf
Posts: 24
Joined: Jun 2012

I did ask my Dr should I have a PET scan instead.
But he said CT scan could "see" more things than a PET scan.
He would send me for a PET scan if necessary.
Do you think he is right?

If I want to join his clinical trial, firstly I need to have my issue tested to see if I have the right "inhibitors" for the drug called Anastrozole. It is a kind of hormonal or anti-oestrogen therapy which had been used in breast cancer. I am waiting for this result.

Thank you for your support.
I have been very depressed.

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