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bone mets

ray slone
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i was wandering if anyboby had talked about esophageal cancer bone mets growth rate. do they grow fast? what are signs they are getting worse? i no the doc must have told us these things, but i was so numb and in disbeleive of what he was telling me i just did not get it. i am starting to have pain in my shoulder blade area. Ray

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One word of advice regarding Dexamethasone - if you have ever had a history of anxiety, panic attacks or depression (also known as "mental health issues") be sure to tell your doctor. No one bothered to ask me before I was given Dexamethasone along with my Taxol treatments to help reduce side effects. Two days after my first infusion I was so messed up I wanted to die. I mentioned it to the nurse before my next infusion and they dramatically reduced the dose. The reduced dose still made me jittery but the thoughts of suicide disappeared. Don't want to scare you, just give you a heads up.


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Ray, I'm so sorry about your diagnosis. My mom had mets to the right clavicle and her back started hurting too. Once she started chemo, the pain went away and the first scan after 4 rounds of chemo showed it had stopped growing. My mom is on Paxil for anxiety and we did not even know or ask about Dexamethasone. She has her next scan on July 2nd so I will update you in terms of any bone spread which I hope is not the case.

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