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Affordable Health Care

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Today a major hurdle was jumped over towards allowing all Americans Affordable Heath Care. Having been on Medicare for exactly 4 years as of July 1, 2012, I will not be effected by this new law. However it will allow many millions of Americans to obtain insurance coverage and more importantly for our group will assist those newly covered with the diagnosis, tests. surgery and medications for Kidney Cancer. No one should die as a result of undiagnosed and untreated Kidney Cancer because of the cost involved. To that we all owe a gratitude of thanks.


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Hear, hear! Very well said iceman. Congratulations to you guys Statesside for putting that important legislation in place.

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Feeling a bit more civilised already. Tea anyone?

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All of us battling pre-existing condition that are in the US are no longer going to be held hostage by insurance companies. What I mean, is, those of us too young for medicare (I am 48), should be able to buy insurance through exchanges without paying unreasonable rates. I am insured through my job, and that will continue. At times, I have thought of starting my own business, but can not buy individual insurance.

Also, I hope this will prevent stories where people without insurance can not get the treatment (surgery), because now, no one has an excuse for not having insurance.

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