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Doesn't look good for my brother

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This is from Kathy:

Pray for ray, this has been I think the hardest time for my husband..we are home finally but he has a long road to get back in shape..the food he has consumed has remained lodged in his esophagus with his tumor..he has lost a tremendous amount of weight which he cannot afford....he is so very weak..this has all happened so fast..he cannot swallow anything solid..they switched his meds to liquid and morphine patches..he is feeling very Ill he says he has never felt this bad..please continue to pray for him...we are asking that everyone pray that his tumor shrinks so that he can get better nutrition...keep praying


My heart is breaking



Update: Just got news that Jr is feeling some better this morning after a very rough night...
He ate some broth and jello for breakfast...

he was playing on his keyboard!!! Amazing!

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I am praying with all that I have. God bless.

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My prayers are with you and Ray. I hope he finds continued comfort and is able to keep getting some nutrition in. I'm glad to hear he was on the keyboard... one of God's blessings, I'm sure!


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Prayers for you and your entire family. BMGky

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You can be sure that Ray, you and your family will continue to be in my daily prayers.

Best Regards,

Paul Adams
Grand Blanc, Michigan

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Rose, I continue to pray for Ray. Also praying for you and the family. May God hold you close during this difficult time and give you peace to enjoy the little things that Ray is able to do.

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