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In preparation for radiation to my two brain tumor sites, I had an MRI on Monday. My rad/onc nurse called yesterday to let me know that there are no changes showing from my CT Scan, no additional cell growth is noted and that results are what my Dr. wanted to see. On Monday, I go for the simulation to start 5 radiation treatments to the two areas where my tumors were removed.

To me this was great news because if the healing wasn't how Dr. wanted it or there was something else showing up, I may have had to have 15 treatments. Another construction barrel avoided on the road I travel. Every success, no matter how small is a good thing.

As always, I am proufoundly grateful to my wonderful healthcare team that my care is in. I also appreciate the support I receive here and am so glad I found you all.

Love to all the sisters.


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Hope the radiation goes well and you have minimal side effects. In peace and caring.

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So glad for continuing good news for you. You will sail through this next challenge.

Mary Ann

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That's great news. You are so right that every barrel avoided on this road is a success.
Good luck with your rad treatments.
Kindest wishes

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Wonderful news! Good luck with your radiation treatments.....and here's to kicking cancer to the curb!

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So glad you are getting good news in the treatment process. Sending positive thoughts your way that radiation proceeds uneventfully!

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Pat, you are such an inspiration! I was crushed when I read about your brain lesions (how much can one person take?!) and am elated to hear the good report and also what a fantastic outlook you have! Keep up the good work, the good healing, and the good attitude!

Liz in Dallas

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Had my simulation for brain radiation yesterday. Had a cradel for my head made and my Freddy Krueger mask. Actually looks more like a catchers mask. I have 5 2 fraction treatments next week Wed, Thurs, Fri, and the following Monday and Tuesday. Hopefully this will take care of any cells that may have decided to stick around after the surgery. I have an appt with my neuro surgeon today and I have a big hug for him for expediently removing my tumors on the Sunday of Memorial weekend and doing it so well. I have a big hug waiting for him and truly believe it was from God's lips to his hands all went so well.

I try to stay upbeat and positive and grateful for all the good things each day. I find this makes me and those around me more happy.

You all have a great holiday!

Love to all the sisters!

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I am so glad you are getting all of this done so quickly so you can put it behind you! I don't have any experence with kind of treatments, so I was wondering what kind of side-affects this causes...the average kind of radiation affects or are they different? Be sure you hang on to that good dr. who is sooo quick on the treatment...he is one in a million! Prayers and best wishes...will be thinking of you on treatment days! Best, debrajo

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