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Needs someone too talk too

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my dad has stage 4 lung cancer its in both lungs and has spread through his body. im trying too be strong for him but its really hard.. My question is would should i expect when he starts chemo on monday

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Some side effects will depend on the type of chemo he gets. First, prepare yourselves to be there several hours. Some chemo clinics supply food and beverages but you cannot plan on it. Bring something to read or laptop computers, cards or even board games.

He may have had an Rx for emend or another drug he is to take the night before- make sure he takes it. Also, there should be Rx for steroids to take after chemo, make sure he gets it exactly as prescribed to prevent nausea. Keep him hydrated. The steroids may make him ravenous. Keep some snacks next to his bed. I ate 6-7 small meals a day.

Expect that his tastebuds will change. Foods that were once his favorites may not appeal to him at all. I could not drink coffee for several months. Some of the chemo agents cause a metallic taste in the mouth, keep plastic silverware on hand. KEEP HIM HYDRATED.

Your dad will probably get tired easily. Also. make sure to give him stool softeners and keep laxatives on hand. Do not be alarmed if they need to postpone a treatment for a week or give him blood transfusions, these are very common. If I think of more I will write again. Please let us know how things go.

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I think everyone is a little different. My mom was very tired. She didnt get too nausiated. She did throw up during her chemo sessions though. Her taste did change. What boethered her most was her changes in hearing. The slightest sounds she could hear and were very aggitating to her.
Stay positive and encourage your dad too as well. The powere of a positive mind is amazing.

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