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Feeding Tube Formula

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We have just learned that our insurance company will not pay for the formula we are using for the J tube. And I just learned that we are being charged $315.00 per case of 24 – 250 ml cans of the stuff. Calculates to somewhere around $2000 a month and we’ve been told to expect to need it through at least mid Sept.

The formula we are using is what the doctors have “prescribed” and we’ve been getting it through the Cancer Center Medical Supply Store. We are going to do our best to fight to get this covered, the nurse I talked to seemed to think if the doctor writes a letter, it will convince the insurance company to cover it, crossing my fingers… In the mean time, does anyone have suggestions for alternative formulas and/or is this something we can make ourselves. Seems like it shouldn’t be that difficult as long as we get the right nutritional values and a really good blender/food processor. I will talk to the nutritionist at the cancer center, but wanted to see if I could get any other opinions or feedback on the subject.

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Hey Sally.L,

Have you thought about contacting the manufacturer of the formula to see if they have an assistance program that could help cover some if not all of the costs. It's worth a phone call or two. And perhaps your physician, knowing the situation, can prescribe something else.

Here's hoping your insurance company comes through for you. Sometimes all it takes is a little push.


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Hi Sally,
I have 2 or 3 cases of Jevity. If you don't mind paying for shipping (I think I can fit some in a flat rate box) I can send them over to you. I also have the iv feeding bags and lots of extra flushing syringes. Let me know by email below.

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Paul's dietician told us that the manufacturer of Peptamen, Nestle Company, has a program to provide 12 cases free to patients in need if insurance won't cover it..... We just got word that we are eligible, but thank you so much for the offer. This should get us to surgery.

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There is a dietician at the cancer center where I went for radiation treatment. She provided me with several cases of formula that were donated by other patients. If you find you are running out you might find a similar source by checking around at the different treatment centers or other offices.

Congrats on your eligibility for the Nestle program. Good luck with the insurance. My formula wasn't covered and I don't know what would have done without assistance.


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I have four cases of G tube feeding formula and it's yours if you pay for shipping

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